My experience with the doTerra oils

After my doTerra essential oils reading with Elyse Camulli Jarard, I was like a little kid again. As soon as I got in the car, I was dabbing it on!!! Even after I showered, I dabbed a couple more drops on. I wanted all the assistance that I could get! I went to sleep and had […]

Really? All we have to do is shut up?

When we shut up, we create a space. FINALLY, our creative self can flow forth. Finally, we can let the Light through! We’re listening, we’re open. We are ready to receive. So we can. You just have to give it room to wiggle in! Do we ever do it? Not usually. I don’t even have […]

How labels & conditioning limit our expansion

I have always known that I am a forward thinker. I know this. Almost everything that comes through from my higher self is outrageous and mind bending. These concepts make sense when I ponder them, but ultimately, I can’t seem to get my head wrapped around them. I have decided that my acceptance of them […]

The power of affirmations 

I have heard people express doubts about affirmations and how it’s their belief that they don’t work. Ok let me be the first one to say that they do. If I may, I’m going to make reference to a darker time in my life to prove my point. When I was a young girl, because […]

Would you like some spiritual clarity?

Wow. What mind blowing clarity has manifested into my being since last Thursday! Not only that, but inner peace and just an infinite bombardment of guidance from my intuition! I mean, nonstop information and creativity flowing into my head. All day, everyday since my session with David Hulse. David is the developer of SomaEnergetics. He actually […]

An Entire day filled with Gratitude

I have never spent an entire day in gratitude before. I could have never imagined being that grateful for something. But today is a special day. One of my dreams is coming into being. I set an intention a very long time ago that maybe someday I could share my story and it would inspire […]