Your reality is created around your beliefs

With all this buzz and talk going around about us living in a holographic universe or inside a computer simulation, I wanted to write a piece on just that. I want to share the commonalities of that theory and using the Law of Attraction. I believe they are one and the same. Let’s take a […]

Empaths and avoiding confrontation

I’m not going to say that all empaths avoid confrontation. There’s a lot of grey area on this subject matter. It depends on your upbringing and how you were treated and who you have kept as company over the course of your life. Even then you could be completely surrounded by people who might be […]

Empaths, people pleasing, and resentment

The resentment that comes from years and years of giving to people with the desire to please them, see them happy, and avoid confrontation is real. I have found that I can’t quite comprehend why people from my past and even my present can continue to take and have no problem whatsoever about not giving […]