About me

Unstoppable. We are all invincible and unstoppable. We just have to become realigned with it. I am determined to become my own best self and I like to keep my topics out of the box and keep us expanding our belief systems. I know that this is an age of awakening and the human race has much to learn about our capabilities. We’re only limited by what we believe, so our beliefs must begin to change and expand.

Still with me? Good. Read my shit for topics that no one else will touch. Oh we’re getting there alright, but we have a ways to go! Feel free to ask me anything and I promise you that I would not belittle you for it or pass judgement on you. I AM one of the “weird” ones, after all!!!

It’s the spark. You have it too! We’re going nowhere else but up folks…

Oh and F.Y.I it’s best not to resist…you’re coming anyway!