Your reality is created around your beliefs

With all this buzz and talk going around about us living in a holographic universe or inside a computer simulation, I wanted to write a piece on just that. I want to share the commonalities of that theory and using the Law of Attraction. I believe they are one and the same.

Let’s take a mind trip to the white room in The Matrix. Let’s picture in this room there is a piece of chocolate cake. When you look at this piece of chocolate cake, what are your beliefs about it? How do you feel about it? Do you gravitate toward it or shrink away from it? What are your beliefs about what will happen to your body and your brain if you choose to indulge? Do you believe you that cake is off limits because it’s “bad” for you, full of gmo’s, and artificial sweeteners, and the dreaded enemy sugar? On the other hand, do you jump at the chance to have a bite or even the whole thing because it makes you happy? Even if it makes you happy to eat it, do you do do and then feel guilty and full of shame after having indulged?

The-Most-Amazing-Chocolate-Cake-3-e1496872303234Does the work “indulge” invoke a sense of wrong doing for you the same way it just did for me as I typed it?? Now think about how those beliefs came into being.

Did someone teach you them? Do commercials tell you that if you eat chocolate cake that you will end up 500 pounds and unloved? Did you watch a documentary that tells you that anything besides food in its raw form is of no nutritional value? Did someone you love die of diabetes and you are fearful that you will end up like them?

Let’s talk quantum physics for a moment. What do we know about everything in the material world? At its most basic, everything is energy. Even that piece of chocolate cake. That innocent, sweet piece of chocolate cake is nothing but energy. So how did it get such a bad rap? How did sugar get such a bad rap? I dare not say that we have been programmed to believe that anything we love or enjoy could kill us or give us a life long disease like diabetes. It’s not illegal to lie. There’s also research to support both sides of the debate. Some people eat, drink, smoke, and even do drugs as much as they choose and live to a hundred or more. People who are meticulous about what they consume, how hard they work out everyday, and steer clear of anyone who smokes for fear of having a heart attack or lung damage, and they keel over at 35. So sad.

The point I’m trying to make here is that the piece of chocolate cake would have remained neutral and harmless until WE started labeling it bad. We apply the intention and the result manifests in reality. We’re programming what reflects back to us in the material world with our beliefs! We have all the power and always did! This is so cool though because everyone gets to decide their own beliefs and level of enjoyment that they get from life.

If you believe that you are never going to get anywhere in life and that everything I am saying is a bunch of hooey, then you shall receive your wish! The Universe DOES revolve around you! Your experience is yours and yours alone. This is an amazing discovery because you can change your beliefs about anything at anytime! You CAN have a piece of chocolate cake and feel joy from it and not gain an ounce. You can also decide that you WILL get that promotion and watch it unfold.

Have you ever had a friend who said no matter what she eats, she never gains an ounce? I have! I always believed that no matter what I ate, I would gain weight! I hated the skinny girls like that. Now I know it was just their belief, their programming. What can we decide to change our beliefs about? What can we change inside us to watch it reflect on the outside of us? How far can we take this? Can we take this to amazing levels of abundance and loving relationships?

This is a subject that I will be writing more and more about. You can follow my blog. Let’s imagine a new World together. As we open our minds to unlimited thinking, who knows how far we can go! Amazing new heights! I will be eating the cake by the way, and not only enjoying it with all of my senses, but losing weight while I am at it! 😉

Remember, there is no spoon.


Much LOVE and LIGHT to you all,



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