Voices in my head

*I did not have time to edit this. Heading to work, just sayin*

Okay. So i gave in. Decided to stop and listen for some guidance because i am at a crossroads right now in my life. I actually sat down at the desk. Got quiet and then I verbally asked,”Okay guys. I know you’re here. I am ready to ask for some guidance. Come talk to me.” Then I waited. Nothing. For like two minutes. Hmm. This is why I never try this I guess.


Nothing. I am always getting messages and guidance from my higher self in my mind. What gives? You could have heard a pin drop in my mind. Blank slate. Dead silence. What was I doing wrong. This little voice never shuts up usually!


In a flash, I knew what to do. Every Time I have a conversation with my higher self, It’s telepathic. Inside my head. I forgot about what I learned about the brain being an antenna. Tesla even referred to it that way, I believe. So I used my inner voice to call out for help. In my mind I said,”Hello? Are you guys here? I ready to listen to your help now! Hello?”


Immediately, I received an answer. “Yes we are here. We never leave, duh.”


I need some help and some guidance from you guys and I’m willing to listen.

Ok what do you need help with?

I need to know what is the next best move for me. About my job.

Whatever you do, the Universe will support you.

That’s taking a pretty big leap of faith for me

The risk is great but so is the payoff.

What if I am scared and I put out yucky vibes along the way.

It does not matter, the choice was made already.

So even if I lose faith along the way I can’t screw things up with my vibe?

That’s correct. You made the initial decision and this declares your energy for the intention.

Wow. Now that’s a relief because I did not want to make the decision and then deter the result with occasional worries.

No, you made a decision to trust in your intention. That is what holds true for you.

This is awesome. I’m so glad to have you guys in my head all the time.Is it fun when I get drunk?

We’re not affected by your third dimensional carrying on’s. We have to say you’re funny to watch at times. We do have a sense of humor, you know.

Boy do I ever! Like the other day when I was resisting that guy who smells really bad at work, then it was like he was chasing me. The more I thought, “I don’t wanna be near this guy!” The more he was right there. The smell was so sickening to me. He had like an aura of B.O. surrounding him. Even after he left the aisle where we were stocking, he left this thick stench in the air and I kept having to hold my breath and walk through it. Remember how I suddenly just knew you guys were laughing at me? It was lightening up the moment at least! “You guys quit laughing at me! You think this is soooo funny? Just laugh it up!!!”

“We will. This is great! You know the rules of the law of attraction and you’re still feeding into it! This is hilarious!”

I could feel you guys laughing and hear you in my mind. There was so much joy in that moment for you.  You guys should have smelled that where you are.

It made us grateful for being where we are.

You guys are fun! Who knew?

You did.

Well, yeah. I just figured it was me talking to myself all these years. I didn’t realize I had a head ful of angels and whatever the heck else you guys are. Oh yeah, the “collective consciousness” Blah blah blah..

Do you ever shut up?

Not now I won’t.

Go do your new availability at work and STFU.

No you did NOT…lol

Yes. We did. HAHA

Okay I get it. You guys are like a barrel of monkeys with all the knowledge of the Universe at your fingertips. Wow. I guess I can be anything I want to be after all!

Go. You’re gonna run late for work goofball.

Love you guys. Thanks for the advice.

Anytime Boo Boo.




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