How to instantly align with what you want

This is really good stuff. You’re going to want to do this as soon as you possibly can. I’m telling you, if you follow through with why your intuitive guidance led you to click on this article, you’re going to align yourself with your dream life. What I’m about to tell you to do Shifts something in The Field of Infinite Possibilities. Something engages on a quantum level. By doing what I’m about to tell you to do, you are entangling yourself with your new life. 

So what’s the big magical deal? What’s so powerful that I can do with little to no money whatsoever that is going to instantly align me with my dream life? Simply put, it’s called a vision board. You may be thinking,”Aww man! I thought she was gonna say something new and amazing! What’s so special about doing a silly old vision board??” Well, I will tell you. 

My inner guidance has been nagging away at me for some time now to do a vision board and I was saying the exact same thing. Why? What’s so special about gluing pictures on poster board? How’s that gonna get me anywhere? What could it possibly matter whether I do one or not? 

The days came and went. My linear brain was saying,”I’ll do it on my next day off.” Which was fine and there’s a reason I say that. It’s fine because you want to be in the mood to do it. You don’t want this to be forced. I’m just so miserable with my old life that I was ready to jump at the chance to have the energy shift in my favor! Now here’s where the good stuff comes in. 

Okay, so the day arrives that you have the time to do your vision board. You know intuitively that today’s the day. If you have a printer that prints in color, you’re good to go. Mine is a black ink only laser printer. The last time I checked life comes served in bright, beautiful color so I insisted my board be in bold, beautiful full color as well. I opted for my local library. I’m sure you can use an office supply store for this kind of project too. 

You want everything on your vision board to done with intent. Everything. I picked blue for my poster board color because I learned that blue is a color advertisers and marketers use because it invokes a feeling of truth or trust in their brand. You want to choose the color that you resonate with. If you like pink just because it’s pink, that’s okay too because it makes you feel happy to see pink. Getting my vibe? This board’s job is to invoke a feeling when you look at it. You’ll start to understand when you get into doing it. 

So next, you’ll want to google up some pretty amazing things to put up on your board. This process of sorting and sifting is basically you placing your order with the Universe. You’re zeroing in on the specifics. I know that Abraham Hicks tells you to go general, but staying general is not going to spark any momentum. We’re ready for next level shit here Abraham. Tell these people that they’re literally conjuring up reality as we go. Tell them it’s time to get specific! How long have you been going general and tell me, how’s that working out for you?

Quantum science teaches us about entanglement. Entanglement is when two things have been connected they stay connected no matter how far apart they are taken from each other. Take that and insert the concept that we are one with everything and everything in the Universe and that we are sparks of the Divine and guess what? We’re entangled with everything already! That means that only your belief that you can’t have what you want stands between you and receiving it. We’re not really separate from anything in this existence! 

Choose big! Dream big! Really let go of your lacking thinking when you’re choosing what goes on your board. The world is your oyster. Anything you can imagine is at your fingertips. Tell me how different you feel after you Google a ridiculously large house and a couple of nice cars! Now you’re aligning with the feeling of already having it! You’re gonna ask yourself why you didn’t do this sooner! It’s raising your vibration naturally! Your brain reacts as if it’s already  done!!! That is why doing a vision board is so powerful! When you do it with intention, guess what, you’re already attracting things into your life. Things are lining up on the quantum level, or in The Field of Infinite Possibilities, if you prefer that instead. 

So finish plucking what you are going to manifest from the Universe from the infinite internet. #thanksinternetinventors Then grab a kid’s glue stick and scissors and get ready to make some magic right at your kitchen table. I chose to listen to some empowering music while I was cutting and pasting. The first song I chose was I am Phenomenal by Eminem. I wanted to really shift into my power while I was building my new life. It’s all about keeping your vibe high. In whatever manner feels good to you.

Start feeling it. Start imagining your new life in this moment. Trick your brain into thinking you already have it. Get your happy juices flowing. When you’re doing this emotional work out, your electromagnetic field, AKA your aura, is expanding and becoming more magnetic and powerful. According to science, we have our own gravitational pull. Everything and everyone does, and yours is getting bigger and radiating a message to the Universe. This is my new life. It has no choice but to manifest. It’s universal law. 

So, you’ve got everything pasted on the board. Embellish it up. Use markers, stickers, even glitter, because come on. We never really outgrow glitter!! Show your board some love!!! Fall in love with your board. I can’t wait until you see the finished board that you are bound to feel compelled to create! Your stomach will do flips when you finish it. I just sit and stared at mine. It just made me feel so good inside. I finally did it. I finally connected with all the things that I want. Not what I want for other people or for my husband. Just me. 

Making these boards the old fashioned way. Cutting them and pasting it yourself to the physical board in front of you is doing something special. It’s really shifting your energy on a subtle plane. In the quantum world. You just have to experience it for yourself! 

Post it somewhere you will see it frequently and give yourself a few minutes time to time to allow that feeling to arise when you’re looking at it. Absorb it. Breathe it in a few times a day. Own it. Know it. Decide it is already done. Now your job is to say yes to your intuition when you get a nudge to do something like make a call or stop in to apply somewhere. Even something as subtle as where you stop to eat dinner could connect you with your next interview or your next source of inspiration. It can be something someone says! Listen to you inner voice. It’s guiding you to the next right step! 

The energy is speeding up and so are the manifestations. Let’s jump at the chance to ride this HUGE energetic tidal wave…The Big Shift is happening NOW and you’re right smack in the middle of it!! Welcome to  5D, my friends! Where anything is possible! 

Oh, and here’s the vision board that I created today! I couldn’t go to sleep without writing an article. It just kept nagging at me and I thought I had better listen!! 

I love you to infinity and beyond!!! 




  1. I did a vidion board bout 2 yrs ago…maybe i should redo it and lively it up a lilπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ i mean so far nothing has come true from it….but ill give it another try and reallyreallall that i want on it….and put it on my biggest wall in my room…so i can see it every morning b4 going to work….what do u think?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think that’s amazing! See I had this idea that you have to dream big in order for the Universe to line you up with a path to get there. Otherwise, it’s like leaving for a trip and not having a destination. If you don’t know where you want to go then how can you expect the Universe to assist you? I think it’s a great first step in deciding what you want to achieve! Try adding what you would like to do in order to make the dream reality. I decided I was going to write a best selling book. I still have no idea exactly what that book will be about, or who will publish it, but I wanted to remove all the limitations from myself.


  2. I say GO FOR IT and believe! We can do anything we want! We have unlimited potential! We just have to believe in ourselves again!! I wish you all the best! The most important thing is having fun! 😜 You’ll make it happen!!


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