Who do you think you are?

Do you really think that you’re just this meat suit sent here to commute back and forth five days a week? Do you think you have reached your full potential as you are ball and chained to the desk working to make someone else’s dreams come true. Do you think that you should put up with a boss that talks down to you and no matter how much you greatness you produce for them, they still manage to focus on the one tiny mistake you made? Do you think you somehow deserve the sharp, condescending comments and treatment you’ve been putting up with from your partner? There’s a feeling inside you that’s screaming out that you keep ignoring. You don’t want to rock the boat. You don’t want to lose your job, or wreck your family. You want to stay comfortable.

Yeah well, go ahead and see how long that works out for you. Because no matter what you do, you can’t avoid the upgrade. It’s going to happen. It’s time. This whole planet is transforming right now. We’re in the middle of a huge vibrational shift, and my friend, you’re very much a part of it. You can’t deny your worth and value any longer. You are a slice of the Divine. You are the Divine in human form. That pulling and tugging inside that is eating away at you is creating momentum in and of itself. It has its own gravitational force. There’s a wrecking ball coming your way whether you initiate it or not. You’re about to receive an upgrade. No upgrade comes without change. You get rid of the old in exchange for the new. You must let go of the old and this time, you don’t get a choice in the matter. You signed up to be here during this time of great change on our planet. You wanted to be here. I’m just here to remind you that you can’t exist in the frequency that you’ve been allowing yourself to exist in anymore. Like I said before, it’s time. You can come willingly, or you can be dragged kicking and screaming. I came kicking and screaming, but looking back, it would have been easier to surrender.

What I mean by surrender is really a remembering. A remembering that you are powerful. You are valuable and loved unconditionally by the Universe. You must realign with that knowledge. You’re no longer tolerant of treatment that isn’t in alignment with that. Instead of mulling over it and pondering if you really are valuable, and whether your voice really matters, just know it.

Put on that jacket everyday. You go to the coat closet, you reach in and pull out your Golden Jacket of Self Worth. Boy it’s really sparkly and powerful. You can feel the power radiating from it when you hold it. Who could not know their worth when they put this beauty on every morning? You take it off the hanger, and man, is it ever heavy! Look at the trim on this thing! This looks like something Bruno Mars would have made custom for himself! Too funny! You swing the jacket around your back and slide one of your arms through. There’s a new kid in town today…I’m feeling my value coming back. I’m not putting up with shit today from anyone. You know why? Because I’m worth it. Because I fucking rock. Because I am not just anybody, I AM DIVINE. You slip your other arm into the other sleeve of the Golden Jacket of Self Worth. You’re surrounded with value and worth. You shimmy into the jacket with a little shoulder shake. How does this thing fit me like it was tailor made for me? I mean, it fits like a glove! Because you ordered it, that’s why. It’s been waiting right there in the closet for you all of this time. You just had to reach in for it. You just had to be ready for it. You must be willing to throw away that tattered old jean jacket though.

This is the new version of you. This version of you doesn’t put up with trash talk and condescending bosses. This version of you doesn’t dance the dance that everyone else wants to see. This version of you does what you want to do and tells everyone else to kiss your ass. You’re Golden. Believe it. Now that you feel all that power and self worth pouring out of the Golden Jacket and into you, you can see it all clearly. You can see how you have been selling yourself short. You can see that you have way more to offer this world than you thought. You’re absorbing this power into your being. You feel things you have never felt before. Your senses are heightened. Your mind is sharper. You’re higher in consciousness than you have ever been. You see things others don’t see. You’re not just looking, hearing, or smelling now. You’re feeling. You’re using your sixth sense. You’re tuning in to the happenings around you. Now that you’re tuning in and feeling things more, you can choose the channels and programs that you choose to participate in more easily. Are you feeling it? No, really. Are you FEELING what you’re tuned into right now? If not, GTFO, AKA, Get The Fuck Out. Eliminate it. It has to go. People, places, and things. If you don’t do it yourself, the Universe will do it for you. Know this.

It’s a time for owning who we are. Who do you think you are? You are Everything. You are Everyone. You are God. You are Infinity. You are Love. You are Divine. There’s nothing you can’t do, be, or experience. Once you know this, and wear it everyday, all day long, your suffering will cease to exist. There’s nothing that can bring you down ever again. You are Invincible.

Have a powerful day, my friends.



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