How labels & conditioning limit our expansion

I have always known that I am a forward thinker. I know this. Almost everything that comes through from my higher self is outrageous and mind bending. These concepts make sense when I ponder them, but ultimately, I can’t seem to get my head wrapped around them. I have decided that my acceptance of them is irrelevant. I am simply a channel that information flows into easily. I feel compelled to share it because I know that if I am getting these ideas, other people are too. It’s called morphic resonance. That’s when people all over the world start to receive the same ideas from out of the blue without connecting or speaking to each other. So it’s time to let it flow.

Everything is energy. We know this. Everything is vibrating and moving and squiggling and alive. It’s only our senses that keep us from perceiving things as they really are. This concept is referred to as being a veil. Let’s expand on this because it’s labeling and conditioning that has laid down these boundaries even before we were born into this world. We have been taught since we were small children to see, think, talk, listen, and be in a certain manner. We’ve been programmed to believe certain boundaries existed that humans could never cross. What if all of that is horse shit? What if we’ve been boxed in and didn’t even realize how much? Yes we’re awake, but how awake are we? 

For example, take the visible spectrum of sight for human beings. We’ve been taught that we can only see from point A to point B. Who decided that? Who printed it in the school books? Who says it’s absolutely true? Why did we swallow it? We just accepted it and never questioned it until now. I just took society’s teaching to be Truth, but what if those are limits that were place on us intentionally to keep us from experiencing our unlimited potential? To keep us boxed in? The same concept applies to our hearing. Who says we can only hear from this range to this range? Who says we can’t hear something beyond what “they”have spoon fed us for thousands of years? This keeps us feeling limited and powerless. But alas, our illusions are now being lifted. The Veil is being lifted. It can’t be stopped. There are too many people churning about in the Truth. Too many awakened souls, too many opening and expanding their minds into unlimited thinking and infinite possibilities! One awakened person can ripple effect thousands more into their awakening. The Shift is happening now. With every Tweet and Facebook post you send, standing strong in your beliefs and your knowledge of the Truth. We cannot be stopped.

This next concept is one that I am still integrating into my being. My conditioning runs deep, I’m afraid. But once I relax into it, which takes a little time, I’m going to experience a dramatic physical shift. Food. Let’s talk about the labels we have given food. Well, that “they” have given food. Everything yummy is bad. Everything good for you is boring & mundane. A lot of spiritual people that I know are even vegetarians because of fear based thinking. They feel guilty for consuming animals. People avoid chocolate and sugared items because they are convinced that those items will make you fat. Hold onto your hats people. Those items do NOT make you fat. Remember, everything is energy. Your intention and your expectations of what that certain food does to you creates that effect in your body. Your thought manifests fat in your body if that’s what you expect it to do. You think sugar is addictive, then that’s what you will get. If you believe the calorie count that “they” have labeled everything with then you’ll give that energy and belief and it manifests physically. Thoughts are matter. They control how you perceive reality.

Ok, so take my dad for example. They were conditioned to believe that my dad was susceptible to heart disease and diabetes. He ate foods that he loved and enjoyed, but his belief that they would give him diabetes made it manifest! Some people eat sweets all their lives and never get diabetes! I believe when you enjoy food and you do not attach any guilt or beliefs to it, then nothing will happen! My dad also ended up having a heart attack. I’m sure it is because he worried so much over it and placed so much attention and energy on it, that the heart attack came! Just like when I placed so much worry and focus and fear based energy on losing my favorite bartending job ever, it actually happened. I focused so much and so hard on it that it happened! Whatever is most in your thoughts is what is coming to you. Think back to your past. You’ll see this is real. The Law of Attraction is REAL.

So with this switch in perspective, by turning everything on its head, we open up a whole new world. A whole new realm of questions start to surface. Can we eat what we want, when we want and never gain weight? People who say they have a high metabolism do. Their skinny asses eat a large pizza in one sitting and never gain a pound! Other people say they can look at a piece of pizza and gain three pounds and are too scared to even enjoy a slice of pizza!

This thinking can open other realities for us as well. Do we have to age? Do we age because that’s what we have been conditioned to believe? Was the tradition of “celebrating” birthdays put in place so we would fall deeper under the spell of aging? I mean, they sure do make a lot of money from anti aging products and let’s not even get into the billions they make in the pharmaceutical business by convincing us that we are lined right up for heart disease and crap like this. You don’t have to believe this garbage. The placebo effect is living proof that the body can heal itself if we can open ourselves up to it, expect it, know it!

Listen, your reality is created right here as you’re reading these words. In the now. In this moment. What you’re expecting is rolling out in front of you in this Holographic Universe. It’s time to take back control of our minds and our lives. Just one final thought before I go. If everything is an illusion, and we’re rolling out our reality as we go and we stopped focusing and expecting aging and sickness, what about the possibility of Eternal Life? Do we have to die? This is a beautiful, living, breathing thought that floats around in my head time to time. Dream Big or go home, right??

I love you all so much!

Thanks for allowing me to expand your consciousness. We can’t go to the next level without stretching ourselves outside the box!!



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