The power of affirmations 

I have heard people express doubts about affirmations and how it’s their belief that they don’t work. Ok let me be the first one to say that they do. If I may, I’m going to make reference to a darker time in my life to prove my point.

When I was a young girl, because my dad was mistreated and verbally abused by his dad, that cycle continued with me. My dad tried to control me by putting me down and keeping me submissive. He stole every bit of any innocence, confidence, and self esteem from me before I even made it out of the gates and into life. He repeated the same abusive phrases over and over, week after week, year after year. Unfortunately affirmations work the same for negative as well as for positive. When you hear something over and over with emotion, it begins to sink into your subconscious. You start to believe it. You begin to embody it.

I was a shell of a human when I left home at 18. It’s taken me a 20 years to reverse that negative programming. You are what you tell yourself that you are. I’m living proof that you can hit the bottom multiple times, physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually, and you can climb back out. You can re-move and re-program yourself to believe you into greatness.

Last year, although depressed, I made the jump to a much more physically demanding job in a warehouse. If I didn’t, we would have had no Christmas. So I used affirmations to re-program myself that I was strong. I wrote it on my hand everyday. I convinced myself that I was strong and unstoppable. My spirit became the dominant force in my life. My spirit re-trained my body to tolerate 12 hour shifts 5 or 6 times a week. I learned to get up at 4 am after convincing myself that I could not do mornings. I tended bar late nights for almost 20 years. I transcended all of the old beliefs with affirmations.

No one will ever tell me that affirmations don’t work ever again. The proof is in the pudding. When you find yourself needing that extra boost of energy, do the affirmations. They work. They work so well, in fact, I have been blazing my own trail ever since I started using them last October. I went from hiding away in depression to speaking in front of 100 people, being a guest on a local New Age radio program, been published twice in a local spiritual magazine, and I am now a contributing author to a book that hit #1 on Amazon in eight categories by 10 am on launch day!!! I’m currently writing blog reviews for energetic services and that’s extremely beneficial for both parties involved! My sights are set on reaching for writing articles for Gaia. I’m ready to receive payment for my creative abilities.

One moment can change everything for you. Turn in the direction of your biggest dreams. The Universe is waiting to say yes.

Love and Light to you all!!




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