Would you like some spiritual clarity?

Wow. What mind blowing clarity has manifested into my being since last Thursday! Not only that, but inner peace and just an infinite bombardment of guidance from my intuition! I mean, nonstop information and creativity flowing into my head. All day, everyday since my session with David Hulse.

David is the developer of SomaEnergetics. He actually created a sound therapy system of using tuning forks tuned to the frequency of the ancient Solfeggio frequencies! Some of which were actual kept secret for thousands of years until David had them recreated into tuning forks! A few of these frequencies have the vibrational power to awaken us to our Divine Godself inside! He’s actually reactivating our own creative ability with the forks! He’s using pure vibration to raise our vibration!!

This is so exciting to me and I’ll tell you why. Because right now on this planet, there is an awakening happening. I see it all around me. People like me, maybe my generation, are now stepping up to their purpose. The Shift is happening NOW. We are the new leaders. I’m not saying that in an arrogant way either. I just mean it’s time. It’s time for action. We have spent many years learning the Universal laws and the Law of Attraction and all about creative living and manifesting. My friends, it’s time to take things to the next level. We’re being called to ACT NOW. I know you feel it or I would not be writing these words to you and you would not be here reading this if it was not time. This is what you came for. Now that my heart had me share that with you, I can tell you more about the session! I don’t always get to pick what I write! It just pours forth from my Higher self!!

So, I drove to Columbus from Cincinnati. It was well worth the drive. If I were you, I would FLY here to get a session like this with David! We chatted for a bit and I came to the conclusion that David is part of a generation that poured the foundation. He’s truly and completely 100% anchored in since he was a teenager. This man didn’t need me or my blog post. His company is international. It’s been well established for 17 years. He knows a new consciousness is coming. He knows about the 5D manifestation. He is here for one purpose. To make that Shift manifest. He’s a very genuine soul. So friendly, welcoming, and loving.

After our chat, we moved to the room where he does sound therapy sessions. What an amazing space! When I peeked into this room when I first got there, I knew some magical stuff had been going down in there! I felt immediately at home and my heart began to expand with gratitude for the experience. I saw a beautiful array of tuning forks of all shapes and sizes and colors. They surrounded the massage table and I could feel the power radiating from them! I respected the space immediately. I was in the presence of greatness, divinity, and most of all, love.

David showed me that under the top sheet of the massage table was a special boost of magical yumminess. The BioMat. The BioMat is, in lay terms, a mat that is filled with rows of tiny crushed amethysts. you can adjust the BioMat’s temperature, as well. This was powerful stuff we were working with! My cells were getting happy just being present in the room! And just when you thought that was enough, hold onto your hats, folks! I just love how technology is making ancient healing a modern marvel. Above the massage table were a row of adjustable colored bulbs. There were seven, running the length of the spine. One for each chakra! Colored light therapy for each one of my gratitude filled chakras!! I was home, guys. I was really home!!

During the session, David performed a wonderful technique called the Energy Vitality Technique. This was to reconnect me to the Universal Field of Infinite Energy. He aligned the energy at my root chakra using certain forks, then he created an energy bridge and brought the energy up my spine to all the energy centers of my body. This is done in an easy, gentle manner. Some people refer to this as the rise of the Kundalini energy. If you are like me, I thought that when the Kundalini rose, I was going to be thrown about the room and crazy stuff was gonna go down, but this goes to show, that is simply not true! I felt tingling sensations in my chakra points as he was drawing the energy up, but nothing more. It was always there, David just put more money in the bank to draw checks on! I know you have no clue what that means so I will let him explain it to you in a short video. Check it out! This is good stuff and it really makes sense!

I can now write bigger checks! I have the extra in my account!!! Wow. Another thing that David said in our chat before the session was that humanity is moving from a state of survival into an age of abundance. Meaning, we have been existing in a state of frequency that was only high enough to maintain us in survival mode. Now we are all moving globally into a new dimension, quite literally. A dimension of abundance for everyone globally. No matter who you are or where you are, what you look like, the troubles you experienced in the past. That’s all behind us now. Once you know that you are loved unconditionally and the answer is always yes, you can manifest anything you want. You can either take years to realign with that knowing through therapy and shadow work, or you can take a quantum leap into that frequency instantly through an energy session with David or any other certified and trained SomaEnergetics practitioner or coach. There are over 2000 globally. We the ones we have been waiting for! We ARE the change!! We are the LIGHT!

There’s all of that good information to set you on your path, now I’m going to share what happened to me after the session! I’m very aware of my vibration at all times. I really do everything I can to stay in gratitude as much as possible. That’s a work in progress, but happy? I’ve got happy down pat. I listen to music by artists that inspire me and uplift me. I watch fun, happy programs and movies. I read a lot about energy and momentum, and about manifesting and magic. I also spend a lot of time writing about those subjects. I am now officially in love with who I am! So when I arrived in Columbus, I wasn’t surprised to to hear from David that my chakras were easy to open or balance! I had a giggle over it actually. So much has happened for me in the last six months! He could tell by my chakras that I was on my path.

I tell you what, he must have blown the doors off completely. Something came unblocked for sure. My mind never hushes. I cannot type fast enough for the information coming through. I was scheduled two 12 hours days at my warehouse job and the whole time I worked on Saturday and Sunday, the ideas, inspiration, blog posts, movies, books, came flooding in. It’s like he plugged me back into my creative flow! My only comfort was that this information was infinite and even if I did not get to write it all down, more would be coming in. It’s like the floodgates were blown open. I guess I am what I asked for two years ago. An author. I just need more time to write!! I’m sure it will manifest itself somehow! This is definitely my calling. Now all the ideas and stuff won’t stop!!! It’s amazing!!!

When I was driving to Columbus, I had to have the radio on, I was feeding my energy level to feel whole. But after the session, oh my God, I walked out of that office in awe. I felt completely whole. Completely balanced. Completely at peace. You have to experience it. You have to walk in those shoes before you really know that you are perfect just the way you are, no matter what you do, what you eat, what you drink, what you look like. It all just fell away. I felt Divine. I finally understood it all. I felt perfect. At peace with all things. Harmonious. I have never used that word EVER in my life before now. It’s complete bliss. Just as I was. I drove home with no radio. I had so much peace just being in my own skin. It was the most beautiful sensation I have ever felt. I even felt more than gratitude. This felt BEYOND gratitude. David’s forks had tapped me into my divinity. There was no need for gratitude in that space. You are everything and everything is you. Pure energy.

David and his forks are bringing miracles and magic back to life. If you want a mind blowing experience and you’re brave enough for a quantum leap into your own divinity, go now before you talk yourself out of it. Go now and book a session with a practitioner near you. Follow that inner calling. Honor yourself. If you honor yourself first, then everyone else around you will benefit from your vibration. Well, except when your energy is so high that your husband can’t sleep in the bed next to you and has to go to the couch every night!!! Then he scratches his head and wonders why he can sleep in the living room but can’t sleep “back there in our room” for some reason!! LOL. He’s in denial!!

SomaEnergetics has an amazing website that’s jam packed with all the knowledge you can soak in about sound therapy. There’s a great area that’s completely dedicated to training to become a SomaEnergetics Sound Therapy Practitioner! We need dedicated Lightworkers to return this vibrational energy to the masses!

I hope this article resonates with you and I love you guys with all my heart! I promise to keep sharing the good stuff!

Keep vibing high!!!




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