An Entire day filled with Gratitude

I have never spent an entire day in gratitude before. I could have never imagined being that grateful for something. But today is a special day. One of my dreams is coming into being. I set an intention a very long time ago that maybe someday I could share my story and it would inspire or even help other people.

Today that dream is becoming reality. Today I purge. I purge my darkness upward and into the Light. Nothing banishes darkness like turning on the Light. Today I transform. Today I am reborn, Today I expand into greatness. Today I turn life’s lemons into lemonade, lead into gold. Shame into Shine.

For this, I am in gratitude. I am in gratitude for all of the wrongs that have now been made right. For all of the shame being shed. For all of the guilt being gone. I am in gratitude for all of the hate I used to have for myself being turned into love. Self love and respect for myself because I am so brave! I am someone so courageous that I am willing to risk it all just to help others. To help other people begin to forgive themselves and love themselves again. To help them release the grip of the past.

I wish to serve and be served by others who chose to mirror my bravery. So much so that they too, come forth to bring their stories to the Light. My intention is to assist our planet and all of our good people to heal and begin to love ourselves again.

To unite in our healing. To collaborate and use our talents and our resources to create a New Earth. A peaceful loving Earth. One where everything is created with an intention of love and acceptance. Gratitude for where we have been so we can appreciate where we are going.

With love and faith,



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