Get your DNA and vibrational upgrade!!!


Atlasprofilax may just be the most profound energy modality available to us today. It’s changing the face of energy work. Especially when you have your atlas installed using sound codes and frequency. My friend Beverly Welbourne does exactly that. This is the newest and most beneficial way of installing your atlas. The older method involved manually manipulating the atlas with a vibrating massaging tool. Using sound codes is the latest, more evolved method of installing the atlas.


While we don’t fully understand why we incarnated with the atlas out of place, we should be more focused on the benefits of why and how we benefit from Beverly’s session. Why is the installing of the atlas such a foundational modality to have before any other energy healings? Let’s look at some amazing reasons why you would want to consider atlasprofilax before spending a single dime on any other energy sessions.


The healing and energetic shifts that happen as a result of having atlasprofilax are spread across all dimensions of our being. What may be of most interest to people are the physical benefits. I can tell you after Beverly installed my atlas, it restored a full range of motion for me. Meaning I could get in and out of my car without straining, I could instantly reach my feet better in the shower. I stood taller. My neck felt elongated. I felt renewed. Some people who have struggled with migraines and vertigo get immediate relief. Chiropractic work that has never been successful in prior attempts can bring relief after having the atlas installed.


Mentally, having my atlas installed brought me an immediate sense of clarity. Colors were brighter, sounds crisper and cleaner, smells became richer. I guess you could say my senses were heightened. This is right after having just walked out of the session! I immediately felt more confident and more optimistic, and I was already a glass-full kind of person! I just felt like I was lifted to the next level! I actually felt lighter! If you like what you’ve heard so far, wait til you hear the best part!


What I consider to be the most exciting and amazing part of Beverly installing my atlas were the spiritual and energetic blessings that I received. Apparently, when the atlas is installed, it corrects a connection. The one between the heart and the mind.


By installing the atlas, it is placed back where it was meant to be. It’s anatomically correct, and as a result, it frees the flow of energy up and down the spine. This opens the connection between your heart and mind. You begin to live more from your heart space! Energy can flow gently up and down the spine freely, like it has never been able to before! This can trigger healings on all levels as a result. This is the most exciting modality I have ever heard of! This just might be the next step in human evolution!


This is a very advanced healing modality. It uses sound vibrations from a channeled star language to shift matter, more specifically, your atlas. It has been made available to us to upgrade our bodies and to raise us to new heights. To help us reach a higher vibrational frequency so that we can attract and create a life that is rich with vibrant and wonderful physical health, happiness, peace, love, freedom, and prosperity. For we are the creators and the bringers of magic into our own lives! We are awakening to our creative power again. What an amazing time to be alive!


My question for you is, are you ready to raise your vibration and manifest amazing things into your life? If you are, make your appointment today and be prepared to experience a whole new world when you come off of her table. Love and Light to all of you! Namaste!

You can reach Beverly Welbourne at Stillpoint Center for Healing Arts here in Cincinnati, Ohio, at 513-489-9777.


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