How I unclogged my energetic pipes…

You may think that’s a funny title, but I could not think of a better way to put it. I was not aware that my pipes were clogged. You might not think yours are clogged either. Have you ever experienced any kind of energy healing session? If not, I bet your pipes are clogged!

Lots of things can clog your pipes and prevent easy flow of energy. Trauma. That’s a big one. If you’re human, you’ve lost someone you loved, maybe you’ve been physically or mentally abused. Maybe you’ve been sexually abused? These all create clogs in our energetic field. Conditioning. Maybe you grew up in a home where your family’s religion had boundaries and rules you were not permitted to cross. If you crossed the boundaries or broke the rules, you felt guilty. Maybe you even feel ashamed or disappointed in yourself? Maybe you made some “bad” decisions and you’re now having trouble forgiving yourself for “messing up?”

Those are very valid things. Your feelings are valid. But make no mistake in saying they were valid for back then. Back then. There is no longer a need to continue carrying these feelings forever! Did you even know you were still carrying them? Well you are and it’s blocking you from creating a beautiful new reality for yourself. Do you know why? By carrying these scars in your energetic field, it’s causing you to emit a very low vibrational frequency. It’s causing you to radiate low energy into the Universe and what happens when you emit a low frequency? You attract low frequency events and people into your life. You stay stuck.

There’s a way to immediately raise your frequency. A way to quantum jump. Get an energy healing. Once you experience a profound session, you rise above all the old petty stuff you used to dwell on. You rise above and let go of all the unnecessary worrying. Low vibe thinking simply cannot exist when you have entered a higher frequency state of being. It just falls away. It’s amazing. I had some great experiences. I thought I might share them with you.

Meditation is a form of healing. I just never could sit still long enough. I have found that energy healings from time to time keep my energy flowing well and lifts my spirit enough that stay in a high vibration. They have been assisting me greatly in my ultimate goal. Stay in a high vibration all the time. All day, everyday. I’m very close, and I have been manifesting some pretty wonderful events and experiences and people!! My intuition has sharpened and I have a wonderful sense of clarity!

So the first form of healing I tried was at the psychic fair a couple years ago. There was this pad that ran the length of the entire bed that you laid on. It looked like a heating pad but the kicker was this. Inside the pad were crushed amethyst. The pad combined powdered amethyst and electricity! The woman put an eye pad on me to shut out light, and a set of noise cancelling headphones with some soft , but wowie zowie binaural beats to block out the hustle and bustle of hundreds of people around me. It was $3 for a 15 minute experience. I sank into the experience and the whole time I saw a purple light right in the center of my forehead. Third eye area, you know. She came to wake me up in what only seemed like seconds. I went bye bye. It was amazing. Ends up crystals are more powerful when you crush them. It’s like having a thousand little ones instead of one big one. Nice. Very nice.

Next came the copper pyramid energy treatment. I had just started blogging and asked a nice couple if I could take a picture of them at the psychic fair. They not only said yes, but they asked me have a session for free to review! SO COOL of them!! I knew about the power of pyramids and the vortex of energy that they create within them, but made of copper? HELLO! Copper is a super conductor of energy! I knew I was in for a big ride! I was right. Same deal with headphones and eye mask, only this time, as I was lying there in an open minded state of being, the practitioner was holding a pyramid made of copper over each of my chakras!!! I was oblivious to just how far I had went out of body until they were bringing me back in. They sat me up and gave me candy and water to help me reintegrate back into my self. I sat there for like 10 minutes before I felt good walking again. I was buzzing and vibrating and shaking! Needless to say I went to the area with food and sat there for a while. I had to not only enjoy the experience, but kind of let my body catch up with my vibration!! Whew! It was amazing.

Next I had a breathwork session. I thought breathwork meant I would be learning how to breath correctly from someone. I did not expect a healing session. It ends up, I was way wrong. This was way more than I anticipated! We chatted for a bit discussing my intentions and what I wanted to ask for from Spirit during my session. I asked for strength and to feel empowered. I was feeling really weak and unworthy back then. So my practitioner told me that she would be using drums and chanting to help me into an altered state. She would be calling on Source to ask these things for me during the session. All I was to do was breathe. I was to be doing what is referred to as circular breathing. In through the nose, out through the mouth, but with force. Focused intent to stay steady and breathe deeply and consistently. By the time she brought me back in by tapping my legs and feet, I was starting to realize again how far out I had gone. It’s wild, as you are going out and releasing your mind, you don’t realize how far out of your body your mind goes. It goes back to the void. It gets out of the way for a while. It creates a space for healing on all levels. Mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. That day I was astonished. I couldn’t believe you could feel this way without drugs or alcohol. With only my mind and breathing, I was in a state of complete bliss. Loving, divine, delicious bliss.

As of late, I just had my atlas installed. This blew my mind. I guess I was ready to go next level, because it came right at the perfect time. I was in serious need for some confidence, passion, a sense of real purpose, and reassurance that I was heading in the right direction. I am due to speak in front of over 100 people in less than a week now. It was about three weeks out from the day I had my atlas installed. Now when I say Spirit knows your path and sends you exactly what you need in perfect time, it’s true. We get spoonfuls of knowledge and experience as we are ready, and I guess I was open enough and sensitive enough to experience the atlas installation and appreciate it. Maybe I was finally in tune enough with my self and my state of being that I could understand and be open to how the atlas is installed and why you would want it installed.

I wrote a very detailed article about my experience that you can find here. But I tell you what. A new me birthed into existence after having my atlas installed. I am overweight and I thought maybe my weight kept me from having a full range of motion in my body. Like shaving my legs was hard, wiping my butt was hard, I just gave up on painting my toenails or shaving the girl zone. After having my atlas installed, man! I can reach everything with ease and I can move my head almost all the way around on my neck! A full range of motion, restored! How would you ever know without having the healing that this was physically possible?? I felt like Neo in The Matrix when he realized he was The One. No one could touch me. I was too high. Nothing negative could come anywhere near me. If it did, I could annihilate it.

My spirit was exalted. Blown into new heights. Blissful. I sat up straighter, I walked taller. I felt N E W. Renewed. Higher somehow, and guess what? It hasn’t stopped. I had a follow up the next week with my practitioner and it must have sealed the deal. She added in some codes for protection from negative and BOOM! I have been high for a week now. The intuitive ideas have been pouring in and at first I was frustrated. I was at work having all of these amazing thoughts pour in and I had no way to stop and write them down!! But then I thought, they are infinite! Don’t worry, there’s so much more where that came from and forever. Always available to me!! My creative channel opened back up. Well, the flood wall burst open!!! You should put getting your atlas installed high on your list. It opens up a physical block that we have at birth to reconnect the heart and the mind. Once you feel this way, you’re unstoppable, invincible.  You’re blissful and not much can touch you or bring you down.

Here are the links to the breathwork session and the pyramid healing sessions if you want to read a more detailed account of my experience with them.

I hope this article gets you excited enough to go experience your Spirit in a way you have not before. Trust me, you can never go backwards or lower vibe after one of these healings. They are cumulative. They stack one on top of another and you reach a new level of awareness and physical health with each one!! We just keep Ascending higher and higher!!!

I love you all!




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