Feeling stuck? Try an energy healing!

Ok, I know where you are. I’ll even go so far as to say I know how you’re feeling. Feeling stuck happens to us all. Feeling lost or confused about where to go or what to do next? It’s part of the path. It’s completely natural. It’s the calm in the eye of a perfect storm that you are creating. But my dear, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Sometimes just being is cool too. Just hanging out, not trying to push anything into being, because we don’t have to push. Everything you want is already on its way to you. Sometimes doing nothing or even having a day where you’ve just been doing mundane tasks is perfectly okay. You are still emitting a high vibration. You’re still wanting to expand magic and grace in your life.

Now one thing I know for sure. Once I fell down the rabbit hole I wanted to go farther. As fast as I could, so I hated sitting around doing nothing. Knowing I could do more. Knowing there was more to know and be and feel that were better states of being. I was feeling restless.

Nothing took me to the next level faster than experiencing energy work. If there’s this small part of you that is trying like crazy to hang onto the version of reality you used to exist in, there’s your block. I know my mind had some resistance around letting go of linear thinking. I couldn’t manifest jack shit because I knew in my heart there’s more to life than we know. My heart fully believed in magic, but my head/mind/left side of my brain were all hanging on to 3D reality with a death grip.

Then I tried energy work. If you want to read about what modalities I experienced I will create another article about them all and set a link here when I have posted it online. Well, honey, if you love yourself at all and you want to feel an immediate spike in your energetic field, just go book an appointment with whatever practitioner or service you are drawn to.

Just delay the mani/pedi for a few days and go get so far out of your body that your practitioner has to help bring you back into your body! Then you’ll feel who you really are. You’ll have confirmation that you’re more spirit than you were ever physical form!

It really can’t be explained. You’ll have to experience it yourself. If you’re someone who has simply had like one, maybe two psychic or tarot readings and they were accurate enough to make you believe in something more, that’s great. But you haven’t seen anything yet, my friend!! You think a couple of accurate readings is all that’s magical in this plane of existence? HA! I can’t wait til you know more!! I can’t wait til you feel more!! Honey, you’re magic getting ready to explode into physical form! You’re getting ready to create your own BIG BANG. Your own REBIRTH!

What has been going on is that your energy flow is clogged up. Not on purpose. We’ve all had difficult things happen and traumas, maybe even our old conditioning that caused blocks in the flow of our energy bodies, AKA chakra system, our meridians, etc.

Now we know better! We have tools in our tool belt! We can remove the blocks and restore our natural flow of energy! I can tell you one thing for sure. Whatever energy work you pick, you’re going to walk out a different person than the one who walked in. I promise you that. If your wondering which one to choose, don’t fret. You’ll pick exactly the right one! You can’t mess it up!! Use your intuition. Even if you only like the colors of the ad, Spirit speaks to us all in different ways. Spirit sends messages in the form in which we’re ready to receive them. You’ll know the right one when you see it! ❤

Friends, we can want, dream, desire all we want, but until you tend to your spirit the same way you take a shower or get regular manicures for your nails, you may just stay stuck. Your spirit needs love and attention just as much as the rest of you. Now go. Go lift your spirit. Go to the void and rest on the shoulder of Source for a while. Experience what you cannot experience while “in your body.” That’s when your brain will no longer be able to deny that magic exists. You’ll be living in 5D, and guess what. You’ll want more and more and more!! Join us in 5D living and start REALLY creating your own reality!



  1. Friends, I ask you to help! I’m really stuck. I understand that on the right Path, for God gives me trials and I overcome them with honor. I understand everything, but I do not have the tools to implement the initiation. I ask you, help me!


    1. Hi! We all have times when we feel like we’re not getting anywhere or that our prayers are not being heard, but remember, we cannot see the bigger picture. People are being placed in the right place and experiences are lining up for us behind the scenes that we don’t see right now. I know it’s tough but everything is divinely guided and timed. Hang in there and try really hard to just be for a while. The energy will shift once you stop trying to control it. Surrender control for a while and trust in the divine force that created you. You are loved beyond your wildest dreams!!!


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