Is your vibration ready to go Next Level?

So, you have no idea what I’m talking about? It’s okay. I knew nothing about this amazing energetic healing modality myself until just a few days ago. Just by chance, I connected with a beautiful soul, Beverly Welbourne. Let’s put it this way, before I met Beverly, I would have been like,”you want to install my what, to do what???” Yeah, I was pretty clueless that the energetic rabbit hole goes much deeper than I anticipated! But you know what? Once you’re in, you’re in. You can’t go back to life as you knew it before. You can’t just unknow the things that you already know!


Anyhow, we met for a chat and I learned a lot more about why you would need to have your atlas installed, or realigned, in the first place. For whatever reason, all humans are born with a misaligned C1 vertebrae. There are theories out there as to why, some of them are quite dark, in fact, but how it happened is no longer what we are concerned with. It’s why should we fix it? How can it take me to the next level physically, mentally, spiritually, and energetically? There are many reasons that you will want to indulge in this short, but consciousness expanding healing modality. Everyone will have their own individual results from it, but I’m going to tell you exactly what I experienced.


I consider myself a pretty knowledgable person when it comes to speaking into topics pertaining to vibration and frequency. Some of you may not be so familiar. I will give you a beginner’s quick rundown of how I understand it. Everything is energy. When scientists explored matter working down to the smallest bits of matter, they discovered that atoms were really 99% empty space! Those bits of matter that they measured were like the equivalent of a football field apart when it came down to what makes up an atom! That’s crazy!! Everything is just energy vibrating at different speeds! Everything that we perceive to be solid is actually just vibrating at a slow enough rate so that our senses perceive it to be solid!!

So the reason that I have shared this little physics lesson with you is that what spiritual folks have found, is that certain sounds and frequencies can actually shift matter! It can actually change matter. It can heal people. It can change lives. It can lift moods. It can realign your atlas!


So what happens when your atlas gets realigned, or as the practitioner calls, installed?? Magic happens. Healing happens. The chakras realign, the meridians can be cleared, energetic clogs can be unplugged. The most amazing of these, is clearing the connection between the heart and the mind. Creating what is called heart/mind coherence, which is basically enabling you to live from your heart and intuition, not only with your logical mind. Guess what else? There are immediate physical benefits as well!! Have you had to go to the chiropractor for back pain over and over for long periods of time, only to experience a little relief and then have a sudden recurrence of pain? Then you go right back to the chiropractor or off to get some kind of pain shot that numbs you and may even cause you to re-injure your back because you can’t feel when you have overworked yourself? That’s because most chiropractors don’t know that the installing the atlas should be the first line of treatment. Chiropractic treatments have little to no effect until after the atlas is in alignment! If the atlas is crooked how will anything else ever possibly be able to help?


Well, there is all of that. Now listen to what I experienced today! Oh wow. I went into the session with an open mind. I had no idea what to expect! I just trusted that what ever needed to happen, would. Beverly checked my range of motion and did a short orthopedic check before the session. She asked me if I had ever been told I had scoliosis. This took me aback because, yes, when I was in grade school they told me during a scoliosis short exam that I had the beginnings of exactly that. I was in the early stages. I told her yes, but I must have grown out of it because the follow up checks back in school had showed no progression.


So next I lay down on the massage table, my face in the cushion where Beverly checked the curves of my spine and told me that I had what was called a double twist. I guess my spine created another curve to compensate for the initial scoliosis curve. Well, that is cool for back then, but what kind of trouble could this create for the future? I didn’t want to know! I was just grateful that I was receiving the healing right now!


I got comfortable and Beverly began to create tones and sounds, similar to chanting, you could say. She was creating a frequency, a code, that could shift matter. These sounds and frequencies that she was creating are a channeled star language. They were channeled and manifested into this dimension from the collective consciousness for a purpose. Installing, or realigning, the atlas. This is some serious next level stuff here guys. There was a prior method called Atlas Profilax that used a massaging method to manipulate the atlas back into alignment, but this is the newer evolved version of correcting a crooked atlas. A more high frequency treatment option.


So back to the table. As soon as Beverly began to create the tones, I immediately began to feel a buzzing or vibrating sensation in my body. I mean it’s intense. I could see waves of lines moving with the patterns of the sounds in my mind’s eye. A bit after that, I began to feel a pulling sensation in the small of my back on the right side of my spine. It felt like something was vibrating or even moving down there. A few moments later, I felt a similar sensation up between my shoulder blades. It was indescribable, but subtle. Nothing hurt, I just felt some heat and some vibrating. Those sensations passed, only to give way to a massive burst of energy in my chest! I actually felt my heart chakra opening! It radiated outwards into my arms! It was warm and tingling. Although, Beverly said this could have been a burst of kundalini energy moving upward as well! Super cool, either way!


The rest of the session I didn’t experience too much and I was hoping that I didn’t miss anything. I thought there would be more, maybe? It wasn’t over yet, friends. Not by far! Beverly stepped out and let me rest in my body for like ten minutes before she came back in to find me standing up and in complete awe of what I was feeling. On the table, it felt like nothing happened after those sensations I experienced, but after I got upwas a whole different story!  Wow. I could feel all the muscles in my back, they had shifted!!! Some areas were tighter than others, but everything had changed!!! I felt taller, my neck felt elongated, I stood up straighter! I felt bigger than life. I felt a shift in my own energy! I felt stronger, more confident, and more radiant! I would have never used that word for myself before! Radiant?? Yes! I felt more fluid in my movements, I sat taller in the chair when we were chatting afterwards. I felt different. Newer.


Oh wow. I couldn’t believe it. I felt empowered! So as I walked to my car, the muscles felt stiff in my back. I walked with care. But I knew this would pass and that the muscles were just so used to being in line with the old way that my spine was lined up. It would take a little time for them to re-acclimate. But I had no trouble getting in or out of my car like I usually do. I used to grunt and squint as I bent over to get in the car, not today!!


I jumped on 275 to find the evening traffic backing up. Did not care!! I cranked up my happy music and danced all the way home. The traffic had no adverse effect on me whatsoever! People probably thought I was nuts. I felt alive again. High energy, like on a new level. Wow. You have to hear about the grocery store! I walked through that store like I owned the place! I felt confident, optimistic, and everyone might have been scurrying about around me but I felt nothing. I was able to hold my energy like Neo when he realized he was the One in The Matrix. The big thing for me, is that when I can usually feel the burning eyes and the “come on…hurry up” vibes coming off of the people waiting behind me for the u-scan and I usually frazzle myself trying to go faster. Here came that Neo feeling again. They were putting off those vibes, especially this one lady, and I was holding my vibe!! Taking my time, staying grounded and centered and I left that Kroger with my head held high! The store usually stresses me out! I am so sensitive that it just overwhelms me, but not today!!! You know why? Because getting my atlas installed just turned me into The One. It took me to the next level! Just what I needed. Before this energy healing, I had been  feeling anxious and ungrounded. Minutes afterward, I felt like I had a brand new mind and body.
If you want amazing, immediate results, both energetically and physically, you need to book an appointment with Beverly Welbourne at the Stillpoint Healing Center in Blue Ash in Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s literally a life altering experience!! Love yourself and go do it as soon as possible!!!


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