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When I met the with the ladies who are also contributing authors to our bestselling book 365 Life Shifts for the first time, we decided to set intentions. We were at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center where our magical event and meet and greet will be held on April 21, 2017. We went around the circle and we stated what our intentions were that we had for this experience, which I thought was great! I never really sat down and verbally stated my intentions aloud before. Well, I did, but I never consciously realized that I had been doing just that all my life. Most of the time I was affirming bad things!!

As it came closer to me speaking, I absolutely had no idea what I wanted to say. I was starting to get panicked. What did I want to get out of this experience?? Well, needless to say that living in the now was just as true as it says. I did not know what was coming out of my mouth until the moment came that it was my turn. I guess my soul or my higher self knew, but if I knew I would have probably tried to overthink it or filter it in some way. So I opened my mouth to say I had no clue and my higher self took over. This is the best recall I have of that moment. What came forth from me came from Spirit. It came through me.

“I am holding the intention of becoming more open. More vulnerable. I want to listen more and talk less. I want to have more compassion for people.”

Well, my friends, my soul knows the way. Do you know why? It’s very interesting indeed. It seems my intention synced up perfectly with the story that I contributed to the book. The story I contributed is about when I got a message from Spirit clairaudiently on my knees in the snow of my mom’s freshly covered grave site. I wanted off this planet that day.

First my dad left me quite violently right in my arms. He was awake with no comfort meds and turned blue as he drew his last few breaths and shriveled into a skeleton right in front of my eyes. I had spent three years avoiding going to the nursing home to keep from watching the same thing happen to my mom. I told her multiple times on the phone that I did not want to watch her die like I had watched dad die. They had both been avid smokers since, believe or not, about age 10. After spending four days in hospice with her not giving in, I finally realized she would never let go as long as I stayed there. I knew what I had to do. I had to leave her so she could finally let go of this life. It about killed me to let her go, but I did. I told her that I loved her so much, and that she could go on to be with daddy again. I hugged my mom and kissed her goodbye one last time and I walked out of that nursing home a fucking mess. Two hours later her nurse called me to let know she had finally let go. I have never felt more loved ever in my life. My mom gave me one last gift. She wasn’t going to make me watch her die. She simply would not let go until she knew I was gone.

What she did for me, I could not appreciate at the time. I did not trust myself. I had already been to rehab for drugs and alcohol in 2005. I blew my dad’s inheritance, almost $80,000 already in the time span of under three years. I knew I would do the same with mom’s $25,000, which I did. But when I told the story in the book 365 Life Shifts titled “The Voice,”  I was so excited about being involved in an inspirational book that I forgot I would have to tell the backstory to the 250 word submission that I contributed to the book. The moment I emailed that story to the editor of the book, I was already on my way to being more open and more vulnerable. If I would have taken the time to think it through before I emailed that story, I would have probably chickened out. Your soul knows the road. You don’t have to even try.

As a result of all of this going down, I now must do a couple things I used to think I could never do. This first of which, is telling how bad I screwed up. Well, it wasn’t screwing up if it brought me to where I am today. I think people will benefit from knowing that you can really have made some wrong turns in life and still be worthy of rebuilding yourself. Trust me, when I entered rehab on my own accord, without getting in trouble by the law, I wanted to know why I was in self destruct mode. I wanted to upgrade. I reached for books about positive thinking and that was 2005. I’ve been creating a new mindset for myself ever since!

The second thing I have to do that I never imagined myself doing was public speaking. The event for the first book in the 365 Series, 365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul brought an audience of about 20 people to the first local event. The second event for the next book in the series, 365 Moments of Grace generated an audience of about 70-80 people. That’s the event where my name was drawn from the raffle and I had my own moment of grace that won me a spot in the next book in the series, 365 Life Shifts. For the April 21st event, we are holding the intention of a sell out, that would be 200 people!!! That just leaves me with one thing to overcome. The fear of public speaking.

The way I choose to look at it is like this, I have been prepared for what is manifesting in my life. I surrender to the Flow and the Universe has got my back. Just like the day I set my intentions down at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center the first day we met, it has already been put into motion. All of it. From the time I was born, I have been being prepared to rise. For there is nothing that creates more desire and fire and passion to reach the top than having experienced being on the bottom. No matter how far down you have been, you can create a new life for yourself, my friends.

If you are interested in attending our event where nine of us will open ourselves up to you and share our personal stories that shifted our lives here is the Eventbrite link  to reserve your spot now! There is magic at our events. I am living proof of that! There will be live music, giveaways by some of the authors, an afterglow event with food, book signings, and connection with like minded, high energy, positive folks! It’s an event you won’t want to miss!! I would love to see your smiling faces there and chat with you afterwards!!!

If you want to simply purchase the book because you live too far away to come to the event, then you can order it from Amazon here! If you live in Cincinnati, you should come because the event includes the book for $30!!! Just slide your jammies on and show up!! We’d love to have you!! ❤

May love and light surround you and all you know!


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