Let’s explore the real use of imagination

When you think about imagination, what comes to mind? Crayons? Markers? Sitting down with your kids maybe drawing some stick figures, making some kind of little piece of art? Maybe imagination means fantasizing. Maybe you think taking the time to fantasize is a waste of time. You might even think it’s silly to even think about taking the time to stop long enough to use your imagination. The thought pops into your mind for a split second only to be immediately dismissed from your consciousness.

So what’s with all this talk about imagination and visualization when it comes to using the law of attraction? I, myself, have even dismissed it throughout the years that I have been researching and learning about the law of attraction. I always knew visualization played a part in it all, but I still continued to blow it off. What if imagination is the final frontier? What if that is what I have been missing all these years? Blowing it off hasn’t helped, let’s put it that way. I am the biggest believer on the planet that magic and creation is coming back to life on this planet. I mean, it just is. People like you and me, everyday people are having some amazing things happen. A woman I know just hit the lottery for $1,000,000. The woman who did the funny video with the Chewbacca mask made that one silly video and now has a singing career and all kinds of endorsements.

What if fantasizing is the flour in an energetic cake that we’re trying to bake? The cake just wouldn’t rise without the flour now would it? It would just be a gooey mess. It would be flat and inedible. It’s one of the main ingredients. So let’s look a little closer at the recipe for attracting/creating something that you really want in your life.

The thought happens first. The thought sparks it all. Right on the heels of the thought comes one of two things, desire or dismissal. You either decide to want it or not want it. It either stays or it goes. If you decide to want it, what do you do next?

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