Stop resisting a non-believer…

I appreciate and grow sarguewithpartner_forwebo much from the resistance between my husband and I. I believe in all things supernatural, which is really our natural state of being. Things like the Law of Attraction, magick, grace, and the power of positive energy. In other words, our own divine power and birthright to create our own reality, as proven by quantum physics, both on an individual and a collective level.

He, on the other hand, lives from the linear, 3D way of thinking. He believes only in things that he can see with his own eyes and touch with his own hands. He believes life is what it is. In other words, he lives from the old Newtonian way of thinking, that life happens to you. Something on the outside happens to you and creates an emotional response. I live from the new Quantum way of thinking. I believe you create the emotion first and then something happens on the outside that aligns with that emotion. You get back exactly what you put out. Exactly what your intentions are. I believe we attract and/or create our own realities.

Exactly why would you choose the harder route? Why would someone want to stay stuck in hell if they didn’t have to? If there was an easier, more enjoyable way to live, why not change? Those questions brought me to the answer I needed. It’s not my job to change his mind. It’s my job to transform myself and to rise above. Of course I feel for him. I’m an empath. I want to end his suffering. I want so badly for him to see what I see, but had to change to a different perspective.

That gap that lies between what he believes and what I believe is worth exploring. Why not create from this space? Why not use it for inspiration and creative development? What I have perceived as resistance for five long years could actually a hotbed of creative yumminess! I could simply observe without judgement, be inspired, then create. I can use that energy that I used to label negative to help teach people tolerance, unconditional love, and peace.

After all, our partners are our mirrors. They’ll reflect back to us whatever energy we are putting out. Do we really want them reflecting back hate and disagreement, or do we want them reflecting back peace and acceptance?

Just food for thought.



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