Time to Rise…

bald-eagle-wallpapers-flightPicture yourself as an eagle. The eagle represents reconnecting to your spiritual awareness. Listening to your heart and your intuition to guide you when there is chaos churning all around you.

The eagle will not choose to stay in the chaos that he sees before him. The eagle rises. He rises in flight back to his natural state, his real home, his spiritual awareness. The inner knowing that he can experience peace if he spreads his wings to rise above the chaos. There’s not a question in the eagle’s mind. He moves on instinct. He never hesitates to move towards peace and safety. He takes to flight. He follows his bliss. He moves into a space of freedom.

We can do the same thing as the eagle. We can still experience peace and freedom if we learn to move our focus away from the chaos. Do you think the eagle worries about CNN when he’s soaring high above the Earth with his wings spread wide and the air hitting his face? No way, he’s in the zone. He’s in his bliss. He’s not hanging out down on Earth looking for the next thing to worry about. He’s not busy googling drama as if to find something to fret over! He’s free as long as his attention is on himself. Be like the eagle. You don’t have to look in the direction of chaos. It’s a choice! You only have to save one person. You. You only have to look at the chaos if you want to.

If you want to argue this point with me, by stating that you need to be in the know about what is going on in the world, then you’re not as spiritually advanced as you thought you were. I’ll tell you why. Focusing on chaos is an addiction. Your body shoots adrenaline when you see something that is upsetting to you. You feel alive. You feel awake. But it doesn’t stop there. You pursue more. You call it staying informed, but if you were as spiritually advanced as you thought, you could just meditate on peace. Radiating love out to a world in desperate need of Unity, and a giant hug made up of peace and harmony.

I’m not judging you for not being ready, I’m simply opening your eyes to it. If you still follow the media and the chaos of what’s going on with our new president elect, then you may want to stop. Watch something with your kids instead. Choose happiness over chaos. If you’re at the water cooler at work and they start talking about Trump, walk away. It’s a choice. Choose peace. Rise above. Be an eagle. Choose freedom. Free your mind. You deserve it. You are loved and we need your energy to be focused in a different direction.

Every time you focus your energy on Trump, he steals your life force. He gets stronger and you grow weaker. Because guess what? He needs your energy and the energy of fear. The more you mill about and talk about it, the more energy you’re giving his evil plans. I’m speaking on an energetic and quantum level here folks. Science is there and if you are reading this, you already know it on a soul level. A gut level. The only way he wins is if he keeps you living in fear. Don’t fall for it. Tap into your mental power and RISE UP.

Sending Love & Light to you all,



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