The Magic Door

Door in forest
Have you ever heard of the magic door before? Oh, it’s a wonderful door, my friends! You remember what a door represents, don’t you? If you open it up, and decide to walk through, it will lead you to a new space. A new reality. A new place of being. This door does that, as well. But there’s something extra special about this door. Do you want to know what that is? I’m sure you do! This door can take you anywhere you want to go. It can take you to any reality, anywhere, and anytime. This door can make all of your most beautiful dreams come true.

This magic door is yours to utilize at anytime. You need only take the time to use it. Just remember, once you step through the door, you are giving the door permission to create for you. The door only responds to what you’re thinking about at that very moment. Your thoughts and your emotions control where the door takes you. You will create the reality that you want simply by thinking about what you want and then walking through the door. But stay aware. You cannot fool the magic door, for it knows your heart’s true desires. Make sure your thoughts and emotions are aligned with what your heart’s desires before you step through the door. If not, you will experience suffering. Unnecessary suffering that you could otherwise avoid by yielding to your heart’s desires, not what you think you should be doing. Not what other people think you should be doing, or what they want you to experience.

You can also use the magic door to go on many wonderful adventures. Anything you dare to dream up. The door has infinite possibilities, realities, and timelines. The door is available any time, day or night and it’s real. It’s waiting for you to find it and use it. Have you figured out where to find the magic door yet? It’s closer to you than you think. It’s actually inside you right now. It’s your mind. Your own mind IS the magic door. You can create any reality that you want by simply believing and walking through the door.

Can you learn to use your magic door? If you believe in the magic door, that’s the first step! If you close your eyes, and you can see it, that’s step two. You know it’s real. You just have that feeling. You already know you create your own reality. You have always known we are more than we have been taught. See your magic door in your mind’s eye. Now see yourself walking through, and experiencing what you want to create in your life. You don’t have to keep coming back to it all day long. If it’s what you truly want, you can’t get it out of your mind anyway.

When you visualize something in your mind, you’re creating an energetic connection with that reality. Every time you think about it, you are reeling it in, closer and closer. You can have whatever you want, just start reinforcing your energetic connection with it. Every time you walk through the magic door to that same reality, you draw it closer to you.

Start small, walking through and seeing yourself get the best parking spot everywhere. Walk through and think of finding quarters all the time. Things you know you can believe in. Watch your imagination grow, as well as your beliefs, confidence, as well as your manifestations!!

Don’t get real, get imaginary!!! It works!!!




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