Thoughts create our reality…explained

What do you think this means? Do you think it’s bullshit? Do you think it’s something that has been withheld from us intentionally, maybe even to keep us enslaved to our own minds? Do you think that miracles are possible, just for everyone else? Do you think you have it and that you are awake, only to not manifest what you wanted? Do you feel lost, basically like giving up?

That’s the path. You’re still heading in the right direction, my friend. All of these are levels. Levels of awareness and consciousness that we are re-learning. Re-membering. It’s all correct. Just how fast do you expect to relearn all of what has been hidden and occult-ed for thousands of years? The top of your head may just blow right off if you absorb it much faster!!! I mean really! You already KNOW the truth. All of the years of conditioning takes time to fall away, but please believe me when I say, it will!

Why do you think you are going through all of this alone? Because you are strong. Because you are powerful. Because you have the ability to absorb it. Because it’s you. At your essence. You can do this. You are who you are for a reason. You chose it. You came here to re-awaken yourself, first and foremost. It’s only then that you can assist other people to re-awaken. Just when you believe you are awake, another level comes open. It’s love. Another level of forgiveness. Another level of letting things go. Another level of giving when you have nothing left to give. That’s right. Just when your arrogant, conditioned, spoiled little ass thought there was nothing left to learn, there’s more. You have to give. More, more, more. Love, love, and  more love. Lighten up friends. We’re only just getting started.

Don’t bitch about the title not matching the article. That’s what I was told to use.

(If you’re on my level, you know what that means.)




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