How does your intuition speak to you?

Did you know that The Universe, or God, speaks to us? It’s constantly trying to get our attention with coincidences, animals, numbers, and numerous other ways. We might begin to think that we have no connection with the higher realms at any other time except for when we’re meditating or praying. This is simply not true. You’re always connected! Isn’t that so fun? We were told to see the world through the eyes of a child and we can see all the wonder and joy. I am here to tell you that if you’re willing to play, the Universe will most definitely play back! chee-vai-tang

Let me say this. Everyone is different and we have attached meaning to things in our own unique and special ways. The way Spirit gets my attention can be completely different than the way Spirit tries to get your attention. So if this conversation comes up online or when you’re out with friends, don’t judge anything by the things that other people say work for them. If you haven’t started to figure it out yet, you’re gonna be so excited and surprised when it first starts to click for you.

For example, my mom’s favorite flower was a pink rose when she was still in this dimension. Every time I see a pink rose now, I think of my mom. That’s my mom’s way of saying hi, she loves me, and that she’s with me. Sometimes we can all use a little hug from a loved one that has crossed over and they know it. I always see that special something right at the right time. She also considered a red bird, what we refer to as a cardinal, to be her father and mother visiting. So, I too, believe because of that connection that the red bird is mom waving hi to me!

This is just one example of many ways Spirit can get our attention. You might be driving down the road and glance down at your clock. It says 11:11. For many people this has a significant meaning. It’s how Spirit first started getting my attention way back from when I was a kid. I was seeing 11’s everywhere. I rode school bus 11 for like 7 years. My softball number was 11 a few years. I would be assigned server number 56, which when added together, equals 11. The clock seemed to haunt me. I was seeing 11:11 all the time. Finally googling it helped me figure out that it was a form of communication. So now when I see the repeating number, I Google it. I have a little policy with myself that I use because many different websites post all different meanings for things. I always use the meaning from the very FIRST website that I click on. That way I’m not clicking around trying to compare sites to try to get the answer that I want instead of the one that I need. Which should really come from your first instinct. It’s usually the right choice.

Spirit animals is another one for me. This was one I just now started taking more seriously. I mean animals have crossed my path my entire life! I had no clue it meant anything. Since I am usually I am in the car when something crosses my path, I have decided that dead ones do not count, or we’d be Googling deer spirit animal or possum spirit animal all the time in Ohio. Take today for example. I asked Spirit at breakfast for a message. I have a job offer that is due to come any day now. Sure enough, on my way to work, a fat little raccoon crossed the road in front of me. I took the mental note. (Try not to Google spirit animals until you pull over or get where you’re going for obvious reasons.) I was excited all the way to work. I couldn’t wait to see what my message would be.  I always Google spirit animals in the same format. The name of the animal, then “spirit animal” after that. So I typed in raccoon spirit animal. Then I used the same method I described above. The first website I click on for the meaning. I don’t even allow myself to try a second or third. I want a clear and concise answer from the first one.

The first line of  the first website I clicked on stated that I am possibly being asked to let go of a situation. I was so excited!! I knew immediately that the job offer is coming! I am so miserable at the job I am at now that when I read that first line, I instantly knew it was Spirit telling me that I would be asked to let go of that situation. It has to be the answer to my question!!! I didn’t even have to state it out loud. Spirit knew what I wanted to know about. It was 4:30 am and I was miserable getting up for the bakery job to hold me over until the job offer with $3.25 more on the hour comes in. I was excited and tickled! Then comes the next step. Faith. Don’t make it hard. It doesn’t have to be. Just decide to believe. This is what create your own reality folks call allowing. Allowing ourselves to become open to the possibility of what we want, or sometimes something better, to come into our lives. Don’t question it, BELIEVE it. Know it and it shall come to pass!


What’s interesting is contrast, in and of itself. is a form of inner guidance. For those of you who have never listened to Abraham Hicks before, I will explain the meaning of contrast. Contrast is the term that Abraham uses to describe uncomfortable life situations. Being stuck at a job we hate, being in a relationship we just don’t feel good about anymore but not leaving. Maybe you’re around someone at work all day that constantly pushes all of your buttons. Contrast can be not having enough money to pay your bills, or even having poor health. Abraham explains the concept like this. When you are in a contrasting situation that surrounds you with what you don’t want, there is no better time to realize what it is  you do want. Then you begin to desire it, and it starts to build momentum. You begin to actually attract what you want into your life on an energetic and quantum level!!  You begin to listen to guidance and intuition more when your living in contrast. You actually begin to create your own reality, but you must begin to take action for it to move you in the right direction. Be brave! Jump into the unknown! The Universe wants to grow and have new experiences through you and your physical body!!!!

All of these examples are a means of communication that I was oblivious to for decades. I should have noticed that crow that landed less than 20 feet from me. I should have noticed I always woke up at 3:33 am for such a long time. It’s okay! That was foreshadowing from the Universe! It had to happen for years for me to catch on to the pattern! Plus the internet was not always around to Google spirit meanings!!

Just have fun with life! This makes what used to boring and mundane days so much more enjoyable. Believe in it. Open yourself to it. You are always connected and you are so loved it’s insane. Unconditionally loved. You can trust in it. The Universe knows your heart. Better than you do, most likely.

Love and hugs to you all,




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