The magical Christmas spirit is here all year round…

It’s called living from the heart all year round. Allowing your true divine love to radiate outwards everyday. Putting out into the world everything that you wish to return to you ten fold. Knowing that you are doing it for just that very reason…to receive back. To know it and own it without feeling guilty or ashamed for expecting it to come back to you!

I made that last statement because I actually caught myself feeling ashamed of doing something nice and wondering if I did it just to get something back in return. Then my divine self busted through the ego that was trying to convince me that I was being selfish by doing so. The divine self said to me,”it’s okay! You deserve it! Own it! It’s your birthright to receive!”

That was such an epiphany for me! No more blocks, only allowing. I’m open and ready to receive! That’s a great discovery right there! 

Besides my story, we can keep our spirit up all year long! Keep on giving, sharing, loving, and forgiving all year long!! It’s all going to circle back to you! It is LAW.

Merry Christmas everyone! 

With Love,




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