Let’s manifest some BIG money!

mineSo you want to manifest some BIG money? Well, let’s do it! Let’s start out by forgetting all about how it’s going to come in. With this dimension, everything is based on vibration, not action. if you think money has to be worked for and that is the only way it’s going to come in, then you can’t play this game. It won’t work. You have to be willing to let all of that kind of thinking go bye bye. We’re talking Law of Attraction now baby. We’re talking creating your own reality sweet cheeks!

Your three dimensional thinking is what’s holding you back. If you can let go of everything you have been taught to believe, and have faith the size of a mustard seed, now you’re back in the game. This is what people mean by losing your mind before you can become enlightened. You have to forget all these rules that society set up and boxed us in with and begin creating your own rules. This is 5D living baby. That’s why it’s been hidden from us for so long. If people knew that they created their own realities, then other people could not control us that have been controlling us for hundreds of years. None of that matters anymore! We know the truth now and how exciting is it? We just have to remember how to use it intentionally.

Here’s a brief explanation of how I believe life in this dimension works. We are little quantum pieces of God. I would actually be so bold as to say we are God in these physical bodies having billions of experiences through different bodies and sets of senses. Everything is energy. All matter is just energy vibrating at different speeds. That’s how we can tell the difference in a chair and a table. Matter is actually made up of mostly nothing. Each particle at the atomic level has the equivalent of  a football field of space between each tiny piece of matter! We’re mostly nothing! It’s only our five senses that interpret things as solid!

The next piece of the puzzle is going back to the double slit experiment. The scientists that conducted this experiment discovered matter behaves differently when it is observed  by humans or recorded with a device than it does when it is NOT being observed or recorded. Electrons shot through two slits in a board behaved like a particle when  observed and behaved like a wave when NOT observed. Which brought an amazing, and mind blowing fact to the minds of the scientists. Consciousness CREATES reality. It’s based on us. The Observer. Here’s the link to learn about this ground breaking experiment. Now why this did not make headlines, I do not know. Well, I do, but I won’t go into focusing on the negative. The important thing is, that only select people have known about this for decades! The only reason we know now is because of the Internet!!!! We create our own reality by what we focus on. What we expect to see and experience.

The next video I want you to watch is this one from Abraham-Hicks. She’s explaining how your focus brings things INTO your reality, and rather quickly! It’s this easy to manifest anything, IF you can let go of what you think you already know…

I play a similar game with cars on the highway. I pick the weirdest combination of color, make and model and focus on seeing it along the way. Maybe like a yellow Corvette or something weird like that. Before five minutes has gone by, one will come into my reality. I will pull into a parking lot and see it, or it will pass on the other side of the highway. Some way it will manifest its way into my reality. So fun! The Universe loves the heart of a child and wants to play with you! You literally HAVE to lighten up to see these results, and trust me, when you see them, you will laugh so hard! You will know it was because you BELIEVED.

Money works the same way. You have to believe. It’s just energy. It’s just as easy to manifest an envelope full of hundreds into this reality as it is to see that yellow Corvette driving down the road. It is for you. This is your God given right. Know you are all worthy. Imagine it. See it in your mind’s eye. Invite the feeling of elation that comes when you have found this envelope of money on the ground when no one else is around. It has no name on it. It has no markings on it. Just a plain white envelope. You open the envelope and there are all different bills. Mostly hundreds, some fifties, some twenties, but mostly hundreds. It’s all for you. You take the money out and it is crisp and new in your hands, you fan the money out in front of your eyes and you take in that feeling of ownership. It’s a gift, a blessing. You close your eyes and fan your face with it. You can smell the scent of newly printed money and you feel the air on you face as you flip your fingers over the ends of the money. You fan yourself with it. It feels good to manifest this because you have learned to value yourself. To know you deserve it and that you are worthy. There’s plenty for everyone and you don’t have to feel bad for accepting it. It’s yours and there’s plenty more where that came from! Go ahead. Cry. Cry out of gratitude. Thank God for finding it. Your family needs this money. It came right on time.

Visualize it with all of your senses, and welcome the feeling of abundance and prosperity. Love it and feel grateful and more will manifest for you. Enjoy the journey. Enjoy this epic energetic ride we’re all on!! Welcome to 5D living baby. We ain’t in Kansas anymore!!!

LOVE to all of you!!!




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