Let’s turn your momentum around!


So, you feel like you want to go one direction in your life, but you don’t know how to make the Shift to turn it all around? Well, there’s a way. There’s nothing wrong with you. The Universe loves you just as much as anyone else. There’s freedom right around the corner. You just have to change your momentum. You have to change directions completely, and that just takes a little time, my friends. I thought of a wonderful way of explaining the process of turning your momentum around and why sometimes it feels as if it’s taking forever. It’s almost like we are stuck in mud and can’t go any faster. This scenario will help you get a better understanding of why it seems to be taking so long to start attracting and manifesting totally awesome things into your life! Here we go, and you’re going to feel so much better after understanding this. It’s getting me all fired up just writing about it!!!

Okay. Picture yourself driving this huge eighteen wheeler truck. Like the one in the picture below. Imagine your energy is the truck itself. Big, powerful, and fast. Your energy can take you anywhere you want to go, but it needs a driver and it needs a direction.


You’re zooming along about 70 MPH on the superhighway of life headed due east. You don’t like going east because east is full of unhappiness, financial trouble, failed relationships, and who knows what all else. You start to give some thought to changing directions. After all, if you keep going the same direction all the time, you’ll never see anything new or experience anything different. You can look at turning a different direction in two ways. You can look at it through fear, and contract, which is the opposite goal of the Divine inside of you, OR you can look at it as an adventure. Sure going west after going east for many years is going to be different. That’s exactly the Shift we are looking for.Trucking out into the Unknown.  After tinkering around for a while, you finally just decide that you’re turning around. You’re in control and you are ready to go a new direction.

What’s the first thing you do when you realize you have to turn this truck around? Wow. You have been going pretty hard and pretty fast heading east. You have really built up a lot of speed and momentum! This truck is like. over 50,000 pounds and it can’t change directions on a dime. This might take a little patience and a little time. Notice I am not saying it can’t be done. You can change the direction of your momentum and you already have, energetically speaking, simply by making the decision to change direction. Your thought is about become manifest. Once this truck is heading west at 70 MPH, you will have made what’s in your mind manifest, both energetically and physically. That’s what you stay focused on. The end result, which is getting your truck headed west.

You have made the decision to turn your truck around. Now what? You start slowing down. You can’t just hit your brakes though. You have to have to do it gradually. You have to work your way down through the gears and an eighteen wheeler has a lot of them. Have some patience. It takes some time to slow down all of this momentum. Taking a little time doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong, or that things are not lining up for you. It works the same way for your own momentum as it does for the big truck. it just takes some time to gear down.

Once you get your eighteen wheeler slowed down, you can pause for a minute and even take a little break. No one is driving this truck but you. You can get back behind the wheel when you are ready to take off. Handling all of that energy is a big job. It takes focus and concentration to keep your eyes on the destination. Sometimes we even wander off course. Sometimes we want to wander off course. Whatever happens in these moments after you have stopped the truck, don’t judge yourself. Don’t jump track and lose sight of your destination. Look what you just did. It took some time and focus and some action on your part, but you just brought a huge amount of energy and momentum to a brief still point. Don’t you let this brief period of time where the truck is not moving fool you into thinking you are not still going to go west. You’ve already decided that. You may even just enjoy jumping out of the driver’s seat for a while. Taking a breather. When you are all rested up and ready, you gas up your truck, you grab a bite to eat, and you climb back in that truck.

You hit the gas with a new vibe. A new energy had grabbed hold of you. You feel alive now instead of the way you felt before. That was when you were trying to imagine how hard it would be to change directions. Your mind tried to convince you to keep going east because it was comfortable going east. Going east never felt this good though! The sun is coming through the windshield. You have your window down with feeling the fresh air on your face as you are tearing through the gears and building up power faster than ever! You have your radio on your favorite music, and you’re headed out into a new life. A new direction. With just as much momentum as before, but now you’re heading towards where YOU want to go. The goals you have in mind. The life you really want to live!

Sometimes change takes time, but it doesn’t mean it won’t happen for you! You just slowed, stopped, and turned around a shit ton of energy! You will get where you want to be!!! Give yourself credit! Love yourself for how far you have come!!! You’re already doing it and living it. Right here in this very moment!! The Universe is lining things up for you RIGHT NOW!!!






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