My amazing manifestations…

Some of you may not believe in magic. Some of you may say that what I am about to tell you could be done by anyone. Sure, if you had money. If you had connections. If you had confidence. I had none of those, but I was willing to believe in magic!

It was the first week of September. I was getting blog posts in my social media newsfeed about the big 9/9/9 energy portal that was coming up. I didn’t understand what that meant so I decided to look into it. The article I was reading was about numerology. It was explaining how September 9, 2016 was going to be this huge culmination of energy coming together. The 9/9/9 can be explained easily. September is the ninth month of the year. Obviously, it would be the ninth day of the month. Then if you take the year 2016 and add all of the numbers together, (2+0+1+6=9) then you have 9/9/9. In numerology, the number 9 represents completions and endings. The end of a cycle. The year 2016 being a year of 9 can be kind of a bumpy ride into the next year, 2017, which is a 1 year. A beginning of a new nine year cycle. With this power of the number being tripled as the date was 9/9/9 in terms of numerology, magic was waiting in the air to be used. But this wasn’t the only energy coming in to bombard the planet. Oh no, there was much more to utilize as well!

Besides the big energy promises of 9/9/9, we were just coming off of a solar eclipse on September 1, plus Mercury was in retrograde. This was going to be an insane amount of energy to apply to intention setting. In the past, I had dreaded the power of Mercury in retrograde. There are many people and stories about things going wrong or falling apart during the times of Mercury in retrograde. I decided that instead of feeling helpless to the intensive energies that retrograde would bring, I decided to jump on Mercury’s back and break her like a new horse. I flipped that mentality completely on its head and I used it to manifest some pretty cool stuff!

It was during this week that I had been reading Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book You are the Placebo. I went exploring on his website and I found he had a program called Give to Give. This was a program for lower income people to apply for a Workshop Scholarship. Meaning if I won, I would get to attend one of Dr. Joe’s Progressive Workshops.

Dr. Joe is an amazing neuroscientist and chiropractor who does workshops all over the world. What he specializes in is teaching people to reach deeper inside of themselves through meditation to help them cure chronic conditions or even terminal illnesses with the power of your mind. I almost didn’t apply because I was just fat. But I have been fat for a very long time. There had to be an underlying reason. I thought about all of this energy coming in for 9/9/9 and how anything could happen if I could open myself up to it. I applied, wrote a heartfelt letter telling Dr. Joe that I believed in miracles and that I was worth it. Fat was still a chronic condition for me. I signed and dated the application 9/9/2016. I mailed it out on 9/9/9, with every intention of winning. I just had this feeling that I was going to win, ya know?

One month later I received a link to the online courses that Dr. Joe wants you to view before attending a workshop. I also received a email with a link to further information about the workshop. I won the Workshop Scholarship!! It was worth $550!!! This was only one of the amazing things that came out of tapping into the power of numerology and astrology!!

I was scheduled to work at the restaurant on the evening of 9/9/2016, but I received an invite on social media for a local book signing that night. There were going to be seven local authors that had contributed to a book called 365 Moments of Grace. One of whom, I really wanted to meet. Her name is Tara Robinson. She’s the publisher and the editor in chief of the Whole Living Journal here in Cincinnati. I had been trying to get published in it for like a year. I was convinced I should be at this book signing. I was hoping that work would be overstaffed like the previous three Fridays and call me off. It ended up, when I got to work, they said I did not have to work. I had even brought extra clothes because I just had this feeling that I was going to get to go to this book signing!

I arrived at the Center, and I was told by one of the authors in the foyer that there was a raffle drawing to be a contributor to the third volume in the 365 Series. I started to freak out a little inside. Was this why I wanted to come to this so bad?? Was the universe lining things up for me? I was shaking as I filled out the entry slip and put it into the box. After the authors and a few members of the audience shared some of their moments of grace with everyone, they announced they were ready to do the drawing. I was ready to pass out, I was so filled with energy. The author who had told me about the drawing in the foyer pulled the name out of the box. She looked right at me and said my name. Our eyes connected and we couldn’t believe it! Everything had lined up perfectly! I won one of three spots they gave away to contribute a story to a REAL BOOK! I was so excited and grateful. I got to go up and tell my day’s story of how it all had lined up perfectly for me. I even went on to win a free breathwork energy session from one of the other local authors!! September 9, 2016 was truly magical for me!!!

I met Tara downstairs at the book signing table and she said,”Congratulations! This will be you next time! You’ll be onstage with us and signing the book and your picture will be all over the promotional material for the new book!” I was on cloud nine!!! Pun intended!!!

That isn’t all that happened. I got a bonus manifestation on top of winning the breathwork session and the spot in the book! I wrote a blog post about the magical events of the day and I simply posted a link to the original events page for the book signing on social media. Tara saw and read my post. She contacted me and said this was the story she had been waiting for from me!!! I was getting published in the November/December issue of Whole Living Journal!!! Here is the link to my very first publication ever!!!

If you don’t believe in magic after all of this, let me add something to the story. I had $1.03 in my checking account on 9/9/2016. You can make anything happen if you just believe! I am living proof of that!

My friend, Nina, who is an amazing body painter and “manifestating machine” friend of mine, asked me what was next for me. I didn’t really know yet, but it was already on its way to me. Another friend, Robin, whose articles are published regularly in Whole Living Journal, sent me a link to the for contribution stories for the new upcoming versions of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. I knew when I saw it that this was my next manifestation! I just have this feeling, you know? Like when you just know you’re going to win something?

I can’t wait to watch it unfold!

Shine Bright!!!


🙂 ❤

Photo by Miguel Orós on Unsplash


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