Creating reality and living from the future…

It’s hard to conceive of something this unlimited. It seems impossible according to the traditional way of thinking. But let’s shift our thinking for a moment here. Let’s flex the muscles of our infinite, unlimited, God-given mindlessness.

What if using our imagination to foresee something happening creates a birth in the quantum field? What if that’s really true on a quantum level? What if that is the key to the Law of Attraction? A thought, a vision, a goal, whatever you choose to call it, actually plants a seed. An energetic seed in the quantum field of infinite possibilities? Maybe it can be likened to when the sperm meets an egg. The seed is planted and all by itself it knows what to do to grow into an embryo or a fetus. Of course, it takes action on our part to help the seed grow. We have to water it, feed it, and most importantly, we have to love it. Without all of those components, the baby might die.

Our thoughts and visions work the same way. A seed is planted, but we don’t always take action on it. We don’t always water it, feed it, or love it. So it dies. Beautiful, sacred ideas dropped into our minds by the Divine. A way for the Divine to bring beautiful, loving Light and Energy from the infinite field of Unity and LOVE into the third dimension to be enjoyed and FELT by humanity. And we just let it die.

We let the outside world continue to tell us that we can’t do something. That we are not educated enough, not from the right race or gender, not popular enough. That is not what the Divine had in mind for you, my friend. The Divine gave us all infinite possibility and potential. The Divine did not intend for us to be divided by finances, race, religion, or gender. That was a man made agenda to control us. To make us believe we had to accept what life handed us. To keep us under someone else’s power.

When you see something or wish for something to happen in your life, something better, you’re planting a seed. Maybe things work differently than we ever envisioned before. Maybe that vision is an actual real event. It’s just one of infinite outcomes. What happens when we cast a line out to that outcome, just like a fisherman would,and we start to reel it in? What if we focus only on reeling that vision in? Then we start to live FROM the future. We start taking actions that bring that result in to us. I wonder if this would change our actions if we started living from the future? It would have to because it’s a concept that we have never tried before. We are living everyday from right now. I mean, it’s worth a try, right? It’s worth thinking about over a glass of wine tonight, right?

I hope this gives you something new and yummy to think about!!



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