The universe only says yes


What are you thinking about most of the time? Are you focusing on what you want to see or what you’re already looking at. This is breaking out of the conditioning that we have had for many decades. Of course it’s a challenge. When you were on the other side of the veil, do you think you stood there thinking about how hard it would be to incarnate as a human? No. You didn’t hesitate. You said,”where do I sign up to go?” Your higher self jumped at the chance to incarnate right here, right now. Amid all of this perceived chaos on the planet.

We wanted to be a part of the creation of a New World. Be the visionaries of the New World. To take part in the creation of the New World. That is why we have to remember all day, everyday to focus on what we ultimately want to be when we grow up. What is it you wanted to be when you were a child? What is it you wanted to be before everyone you know shushed it out of you? Rekindle your love for that.

Love it again. Feel what it would be like to be successful. Envision it using your imagination. Create it first in your mind and then it will manifest outside of you. Your imagination and the feeling you experience while daydreaming about it is actually the spark that begins to align you with what you want. Now you might not have your head wrapped around this completely yet, so I’m going to share with you my honest opinion about creating your own reality and how it works.

First of all, start out by knowing that we, as humans, are all walking antennas. We have an electro-magnetic field that surrounds us individually. We emit our own electrical signal. That’s a scientific FACT. Proven. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Some of us can see it and that is called seeing Auras.

Your thoughts make up the electro aspect of your electro-magnetic field. Your feelings (E-MOTIONS=energy in motion) make up the magnetic aspect of your electro-magnetic field. Scientific FACT. We are walking, talking high powered MAGNETS folks. What you think about and what you are feeling is ATTRACTING to you exactly what your antenna is emitting. Follow me so far? Good. It’s easy to understand when you are using lay terms like this.

So, let’s say you’re thinking about how you are going to manage to come up with enough money to say, pay for an eye exam and glasses. As much as you want to know the answer and find a solution to this, as long as you are thinking of not having enough, you will only attract experiences that keep you not having enough money. BUT, if you begin to believe the money is already there and you not only have faith, but DECIDE that the money is already available to you, then now you’re emitting a new magnetic frequency to the Universe.

When you believe, focus, or know that the result you want is already here, it has no choice but to be here. It has no choice but to manifest! It’s your creation. As above, so below. It’s already done. Now we just gotta wait for everyone else to see!

You can start this creation process using something small and more believable to start out. Just say to the Universe out loud (because saying out loud is the beginning of bringing something into the physical dimension) what it is you EXPECT to receive. Do it with feeling. Demand it and know it.

I play a game on the highway with cars. I demanded that the Universe show me a yellow Volkswagen bug. I asked, I believed, I received. Within about 10 minutes on the road, a yellow VW bug passed me on the other side! Play games with the Universe. Remember, it is with only the faith of a mustard seed that we can move mountains!! Plus, that happy, playful emotion that you get into while playing a game is exactly the emotion you want to be emitting. Expectation. Expecting a miracle. Just pick any odd colored, make and model of car that you want. It will manifest and you will laugh yourself silly over it! Then you gain confidence in the Universe when it happens! There’s more positive energy to back the next manifestation!! This is building momentum!! I did this three times on my commute to work one day and it actually made traffic fun!!!!

You have to play with the eyes of a child and just watch how easy it is!!! The Universe wants to play with us!! It wants to have fun!!! Life should be fun!!! Just TRY it. It’s hilarious. Then the trick is to transfer that fun, playful energy over to other things, like money, health, and relationships!!! We can do it! It just takes a little practice!!

You are, after all, a piece of the Great Creator. We have been created in the image of the Creator. Utilize it! Take your power! It’s your gift! You signed up to be here during this time and if you are reading this, guess what! You’re on the leading edge of showing others how to find their inner power.

Sure there might be chaos in the world around us right now. The so-called elite are in the process of losing their power and the people of the world are uniting. We’re done being controlled. Things are really shifting right in front of our eyes! What an amazing and blessed time to be alive. Let’s do what we came here to do and create a New World!!! Let’s empower each other and teach each other about the way we really make things happen. We’re now creating with 5D mentality, not the old paradigm 3D way of making things happen.

5D will teach us how to manifest the easy way. We still have to take action when we are inspired to do so, but honestly, magic never went away folks. Only our belief in it did. Let’s tap into our creative magic and just watch the miracles start to manifest!!! Love has already won!!!  ❤

Create a wonderful day with your vibrations today!!!



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