It’s all in your head…the tipping point

First of all, what’s the tipping point? Let’s explore that. If you ask me, it’s the point of no return. You can either recede and shy away from stepping into who you were really meant to be, or you can charge forward into the new version of you like a bat out of hell.

The only thing holding us back is ourselves. Our words. Our intentions. Ends up my intention used to be calling myself weak, powerless, unempowered, and worthless. All I had to do was allow myself to want something better for myself. I had to want things to change so badly that I literally felt like I was going to lose my marbles if things stayed the same much longer.

I got tired of feeling sorry for myself. That’s just not a good enough excuse for me to stay where I am any longer. It’s like I hit this wall that had a big sign on it:


It’s time to flip the coin over. Flip on the Light. Let’s start re-thinking ourselves. Re-labeling ourselves. You realize that you have had the power the entire time. We have just slipped into mis-labeling ourselves as weak. NO MORE.

We re-label ourselves as POWERFUL, INFINITE, UNSTOPPABLE, INVINCIBLE. We grow into that new label. How’s that for positive thinking?

I finally caught myself calling myself weak. I wasn’t mean to myself over it. After all, I didn’t realize I had been doing it. After that, I was able to make a choice over what I called myself.

As we think, we are. It’s all in our heads. Skip all the B.S. and years of suffering. Call your self powerful, strong, loving, friendly, abundant, worthy, creative, all-knowing. You will transform under these new labels! If we must label things and assign value to ourselves, do it with intention and love for yourself. Watch the miracles that follow!!!

You can do it! Just change your mind, that’s all!!!

Love and Light!!



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