POWER…Reclaim yours!

a conceptual image representing a focus on strength

Listen. Take it from me. I had to be knocked off the pedestal my parents put me on for 40 years and man, was that an avalanche and a half.

It wasn’t that my parents didn’t love me. On the contrary, they loved me so much, they never wanted to see me fall-or fail. So I had to wait until after they passed and I had blown all of the money they left me and lost everything to really learn how to stand on my own two feet.

I am so GRATEFUL for all of my hardships!!! Who would I be without them? How would I have grown without them??

Let me ask you this. How would you teach someone how to be strong? What’s the quickest, most effective way to drive someone to dig way down deep inside…to make them stand up strong when they have always had someone else to lean on and to do it for them? The tool to making someone make the choice to stand up and be STRONG would be to show them weakness. To have them experience weakness. To have them watch others that they love suffer as a result of their weakness. To see their weakness ripple effect out into their loved ones eyes and manifest as tears falling down their cheeks. To make them realize that if they don’t pick themselves up and find their INNER TIGER and unleash it, that their whole world is going to fall to pieces around them.

That human has to get to their bottom. They have to be so weak that they have to decide between finding their strength and giving up on life. It has to be pretty low. At least for me it had to be. I had to get so bad that I actually felt like leaving my family. Like taking off and leaving them because I believed they would be better off without me.

I don’t know what is worse, my mom being bi-polar and not being able to be a part of society and working everyday or me, feeling sorry for myself and helpless, weak, and depressed, not having the drive to work. At least mom drew a check every month. I have had to watch everyone around me suffer and do without because I have been feeling sorry for myself. I used to feel worthless about myself. I thought I wasn’t capable of doing anything worthwhile.

I asked for strength and power. The quickest way to get me to learn it and break out of weakness, was to show me the opposite. Feeling weak, then waking up from it will show you power my friend. That’s the path of least resistance.

Be watchful as you set your intentions. You’ll get what you want in the quickest, easiest path that the Universe know how to give it to you. You might not like it, but if you are looking for the lesson in why you react negatively to something, then you will see that you’ve been given exactly the tools you need to get you where you want to be.

Love and Light Always.



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