What’s your Magic Wand??

magic (1).jpg

I was just watching this video from Lindsey Stirling Song of the Caged Bird. I just love this video and I encourage you, being a Lightworker, to watch it as well.

In the beginning she seems sad because she wakes up alone in the dark and she is trapped. She starts to explore all of the crates around her and discovers all of these candles and light bulbs. What good are all of these without matches or some way to light them up? She sits down in the dark and seems to give up hope. But there is one last crate she hasn’t opened. The last one, of course. She dusts it off and opens it up to find a violin. Her Magic Wand. She looks confused but begins to play anyway. The candles start to magically light up the room. She gets excited about her success and begins to place the candles all over the room. Embracing the power of her Magic Wand, the violin, in this case, she lights up the entire room and banishes all the darkness and fear. She is free.

What’s your Magic Wand?

What LIGHTS you up inside?

What’s your escape to a new reality?


Love as Always!

Missy 🙂


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