Anger is a rising up…

Some people say anger stems from fear. Some people say anger is hiding pain. No matter what anger is or it isn’t, it is powerful. Anger has somethng to tell us, and it means business when it gets here. Below anger on the emotional scale is depression, sadness, weakness, unworthiness, powerlessness, and in the worst cases, giving up or suicidal thoughts. While in these vibratory states, we can’t attract wonderful things. We can only attract like experiences. Experiences that give us more of the state we are in.

People who don’t know about the way the Universe works can stay in these states of mind for days, weeks, or even months and years at a time. They simply don’t know there’s a way to escape the cycle. Now folks like you and I know there’s a choice to be made. If we decide we want out of that self-sabotaging energetic vortex, we can go play with our pets, pick up a guitar and play music, or visit a friend to jog ourselves out of that state. We know if we stay there, nothing good can come to us. Knowledge is power.

The thing is, we all have a bad day, or even a bad few days in a row. We’re human, it happens. Sometimes our ego might get the best of us and bring us down. Depression numbs you and even leaves you paralyzed sometimes. Hopeless and lonely inside of our own head. A lot of those very low states make you feel like stopping. Like giving up. There’s no motivation or action going on. We become lifeless. A victim to life and the circumstances around us. Sometimes we just stop moving.

But in those moments of not moving, there is creation. Something is being born. When you have had enough of feeling like a victim, and you will, you’ll take an amazing quantum leap into an action based emotion. Anger. Anger will have you coming out swinging. You may even swing at your loved ones and you don’t care. Things are going to change and they’re going to change now. People are going to see, you’re different. You’re not giving up this time. That inner Divine is telling you that you can take back what’s yours. You can take back the reins. You’ve been in control this whole time, but you gave it away. You gave someone else or even a few people the reins to your life! Maybe you didn’t even realize you did it, but it’s okay, because you have them back now and that’s not ever happening again.

Anger lifts you up in to action. Anger breaks you out of that cage you’ve been hiding in. Anger puts your life back in your hands. Anger is the butterfly tearing out of the cocoon he’s been transforming inside of. Anger is the end of you just putting up with what’s going on. Anger is the end of victim mentality. Anger is the movement, energy, emotion! It’s simply put, a beautiful transformation happening. Anger is change and transformation! Anger is the rebirth of a new more powerful YOU!!!

Anger is gonna make people uncomfortable because they feel those reins being yanked away from their hands. They aren’t in control of you anymore. You are literally CUTTING the puppet strings! You’re taking back your life!!! It’s time! It’s time for your rising. It’s time to push people back. It’s time to start defining what’s important to you!! It’s time to set boundaries! Yell. Scream. Do whatever it takes. Your energy is your energy. Your life is your life! And you’re worth it!

Anger is not bad. It doesn’t matter where it comes from or what Eckhart Tolle says it is. Anger is growth in my book. It catapults you into a place you never knew existed before…freedom. I did not realize I had put myself so far back on the back burner, but man, anger reminds you that you are DIVINE, and you DESERVE WAY BETTER than what’s been going down in your life all these years.

So when anger comes, allow it. Feel it and look for the lesson. I bet it’s something to the effect of putting yourself last. Feeling helpless and powerless is over folks. This Shift needs you to take back the reins, you must have your power! You must reclaim it and say to the Universe out loud,”I am ready to receive my power! I am ready to make changes and move out of my comfort zone!” With power comes change. Positive change, Bravery. Love for yourself. You’re calling the shots now.

Go ahead. Bask in your anger and know a newer, stronger version of you is bursting out of the cocoon. Remember, anger is nothing more that an absolute LOVE for yourself and it’s your right!




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