I used Bengals football to learn intention setting…

This story still blows my mind to this day. I just crack up at how Spirit uses what we love and find passion in already to help us learn. This is so funny because I absolutely love football. More specifically, Bengals football. I love it so much that I took the busiest day off at the restaurant off to start watching the games. Boy am I ever glad I did. It has taught me a lot about manifesting reality! Yes! Football taught me about setting my intention!!

So let’s talk about it. Intention setting. What is it? I consider intention setting to be the key to getting what you want when creating your own reality. It’s focusing your attention on the end result with enthusiasm and emotion. Now the emotion part is just as important as the attention part. Emotion sets the intention into motion. Remember, e-motion is energy in motion.

There’s a difference in wanting something to happen and knowing something is going to happen. BIG difference. Wanting is weak. Wanting is wishing. Wanting is hope. When we are creating reality, we don’t want to take no for an answer. We have to decide. Set your sights and lock down on it. Remember Top Gun in the big scenes where the guys were all trying to lock down on their targets when they were in the plane? Well, folks it’s the same way with creating your reality. You must focus on that end result and lock in on it. You can’t sit in the cockpit on the ground and simply want to hit your target. What’s that going to get you? Nothing.

You have to focus your mind on exactly what you want, just like putting that red circle around the enemy plane. Then you decide that there’s no accepting any other outcome, and release that energy….then BOOM! I promise you will hit your target every time. This sounds like it’s a rigorous decision making process. We humans try to over complicate everything. It can’t be as easy as just making a decision, can it? Well, yes, it is exactly that easy. Making the choice that you will accept no other result and you just lock down on it.

The hard part comes after you have made the decision for something to happen. You have to fend off that pesky ego that tries to come in like a wrecking ball on your creative process. You have to HOLD that intention even if you see something happening that makes you feel unsure. Yes, a doubt will make its way in to your mind. Just immediately kick it back out. Reject it. Null and void. Return to sender. Not accepting it. Keep doing this and you will hit your target. No matter how long it takes. We have all the time in the world.

Here’s my story of the first time I discovered the power of locking in on my end result. It was an accident really. I was at the local bowling alley watching the Bengals. We were going into the second half like three touchdowns behind or something ridiculous like that. I think we needed more to actually win the game. You can say that I was in an altered state at this point. I was on my third or fourth tall draft beer. I’m a lightweight, for those who don’t know me personally.

I got mad. Thinking to myself,”We are NOT losing this damn game! I am not giving up on my team. I have seen us come back from worse than this before and I say they are not losing! That’s all there is to it!” Okay, this was me setting my intention. Just tired of the Bengals losing, that’s all. I packed a lot of power and e-motion (energy in motion) into those thoughts and words when I spoke them.

Next as I was watching, my ego started to doubt it a couple of times, but since I was in my relaxed state of mind, I decided to throw out those doubts and let my passion for my team shine through. I wasn’t having it. We were winning dammit! I had my mind made up. People at the alley thought I was nuts for going against the usual “Bengals suck again this year attitude.” Once again, I was swimming against the current. I was saying out loud that I knew we could do it.

Saying your intention out loud, no matter how crazy it makes you look in front of other people, helps you transform a thought into the physical world. It goes from a wave form into particle form. Transforming from just a possibility into actually becoming a reality.

They thought I was nuts saying,”We can win this. I know it. I even cheered after every little yard we gained on every single play.” We started moving the ball like crazy. We scored two touchdowns with amazing momentum. Before I knew it, we were tied and going into overtime. This whole entire game, I never once let my ego get into my mind and screw things up. I was locked in. I was not letting any other possibility enter my mind. The Bengals won that game. They won every game after that up until their tenth game. The first game they lost was when I somehow had to end up working. Every single game I watched, I locked down and decided that the Bengals were winning and they did.

I started to think I was nuts. Was it just a coincidence? Here’s my theory. I have heard that we all have our individual experience. That there are 7 billion+ individual experiences on this planet. It’s all in our head. We each live in our own matrix. I’m gonna bend your mind for a minute here. Just because the Bengals win in MY experience doesn’t mean the Bengals win in YOUR experience. I would never know because I am only experiencing what I experience. My Universe. In MY Universe, I only know the Bengals won. In someone else’s maybe the Steelers won. In someone else’s, maybe the 49’s won. We all have our own Universe to create whatever we want. Our own canvas to paint and fill with what we want individually. When we begin to utilize our own creative gifts, we can create our own magical world. That’s gonna take some practice though. It’s gonna take some getting your head around.

That’s the magic and fun of manifesting and getting what you want through fifth dimensional means and not third dimensional means. If I had to choose, I think I’ll take 5d any day of the week. The fun part is learning to use this to make money, meet your soulmate, and get everything you ever dreamed of.

P.S. If this article made your head spin, then I have done my job!!! The energies are getting higher now on the planet and it’s time to take it to the next level. The Shift is about to hit the fan. ❤

Happy creating everyone!

Missy 🙂


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