Quick turn-around manifestations I have witnessed

Okay, so I work in a restaurant. It’s almost like I planned it this way!

(Co-creation joke…get it? We create our own reality and I was acting like we don’t with that statement! Hahaha! 🙂 )

Wow. That was really cheesy, but I do try to keep things light!! Get it? Light!? ANYWAY, I wanted to bring you over here for some lighthearted fun that I have been experiencing at work. I have slowly figured out that the next level of attracting amazing things, or shitty things, into your life beyond what your aura radiates, is speaking it into existence.

I’m gonna expand your mind a little here, and I promise it won’t hurt, but you may feel a little resistance. That’s okay. I felt resistance to it at first too. I didn’t really engage in believing in it either. But just because you might not choose to believe that gravity exists, doesn’t make it exist any less. It’s more like it feel into my lap and once the bug was in my ear, I started really seeing it in the external world. I could deny it all I wanted, but the evidence was everywhere.


There it is. That’s what I saw on Facebook that got me thinking. Don’t ever say what you don’t want to experience. I mean it like this. The Universe only listens to the nouns. It’s like the verb doesn’t matter. “I don’t want” isn’t what the Universe responds to…it only hears the nouns. Let me explain further with an example from Monday’s lunch shift at my work.

On Mondays, we close at three. I know it is weird, but that’s what our owner decided. Sundays and Mondays we close at 3 p.m. So needless to say, we are getting anxious to start closing down around 2 p.m. I guess it was my way of getting my next lesson from the Universe. I always knew that you could speak things you wanted, and I had utilized it before. I’ll tell you a couple of those stories in a minute. But, I spoke something I did not want and it manifested anyway. There’s also that old rule, what you resists, persists. I don’t think I was resisting necessarily, I felt more like i was just joking about it, and it still manifested!

Our restaurant sells mussels. Amazing, wonderful, aromatic mussels. People come there for them specifically. Now I personally do not like serving mussels and had not given any thought to them in a very long time. They are very heavy to carry out to the table because they come in a big heavy black pot, they’re messy. I always have to pay more attention to the folks who get mussels to exchange out the bowl that holds the shells. Plus people tend to take forever to eat them. Mussel eating people sit forever and talk and work on those things forever!!! So here is what I said while giggling to my co-employees. “You know what I hate? I hate when the last table gets mussels. Especially on Sunday or Monday. They always take forever to finish eating them and take forever to leave.” You can probably imagine what happened. Not just my last table got mussels when they came in at 2:30 to begin their meal, but the last TWO tables all got mussels!!! Unbelievable. I had simply made a joke about it, then it manifested!

This will be a long article but this is too fun. I don’t care. It’s my blog, so I do my own thing. One night I was at work and I was really chomping at the bit to make some money. I was in the server alley, as we call it, and I made a wish out loud. I pointed to my empty six top table and I said to a co-employee,”I want a table of six to come in and sit right there. They’re gonna order a bunch of appetizers, tons of beer, all the most expensive entrees, and then get dessert too! They’re gonna be super nice and tip me really well!!” The friend just giggled and blew it off, like,”Yeah,you wish.” Here’s what went down. Within 20 minutes, the hostess seated a group at my table of five people. They ordered five appetizers and everyone got a round of expensive belgian beers. Before they finished the appetizers, they all finished and ordered another round of five more beers. I proceeded to take their dinner order and I swear, no kidding here, they ordered five of the most expensive entrees on the menu! I couldn’t believe it. What I wished for was manifesting right in front of my eyes! I gave them lots of love and attention. I spoiled them as I always do when I tend to my tables. When all was said and done and all the entree plates were cleared, I suggested something yummy from our bakery. They all ordered dessert. I shit you not. Their check ended up at almost $300 and they tipped me $80. Amazing. I tell ya, all you have to do is make it reasonable to start out, then as you see it actually working, you get more brave and more brave. We really do create our own reality. The question is, do you want to speak more wonderful things into your life, or do you want more shitty stuff in your life? If you want good, then don’t talk about what you don’t want. The next stories are why.

I was in the server alley again, which is where we all hang out when it’s not busy. I heard a server passing through who was saying something like this,”How do you guys do it? Every table I get drinks only water. I have a bunch of fish, that’s all I ever get. They don’t just drink a little water either, they drink a lot of water. I can’t keep it filled up!!” Wow. i couldn’t believe I heard him saying what he was saying. After knowing what I know, I just watched and waited. The more tables he got throughout the evening, the more water drinkers he got. He got more and more frustrated and baffled by this. I, on the other hand, was having my own share of laughter in my head over it. He insists that he can never generate a large check for people because all he ever gets is water drinkers. And it’s true. He hardly ever sells booze. I can try to tell the kids not to speak things into existence, but they just make fun of me and move right along.

See, I’m 43 and they think I’m the psychic weirdo of the family. I take off to go to the psychic fairs twice a year, I always talk about the metaphysical stuff I learn and experience. I think these college kids think I am nuts. Its okay though. They will awaken when it’s time for them to. All I have to worry about is me.

But I see this kind of stuff all the time. Not just at work, but with every day life. People say something they don’t want, and here it comes, it’s like you’re reeling it in on a fishing pole when you speak it. Try it. You’ll see. You’ll watch for it now just because you read this article. Magic abounds in this world, and you, my friend, are not exception to it!!!

Love you guys!




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