Power. You already have it.

The answer has been right in front of my face the whole time. I mean in the literal sense. This has been the background on my desktop for at least two years:


Are you freaking kidding me? Yes, I believe in the Law of Attraction. Yes, I believe in the ability to create your own reality. Yes, I know that modern science proves this is real. I know that thoughts are electricity and emotions are magnetic and that combination creates the field that attracts experiences to us. Sometimes called the aura, it’s a very real, measurable, electro-magnetic field that emanates outward from our physical bodies that you completely control with your thoughts and emotions. The more love and positive emotions that you feel, the larger and brighter your auric field is. The more depressed, weak, or sadness that you feel, the smaller, more contracted your auric field becomes. I might as well go on to say that the smaller more, more contracted your field becomes, the more likely you are to become sick or manifest a chronic state of disease in your body.

Now, knowing you have a choice, wouldn’t you like to stay in complete wellness and perfect health? Well, my friend, you have to start enjoying life again. Your mind will not lie for you. You may be able to lie to yourself and to other people, but your body knows what’s up with your real state of emotion.

The aura is actually more fully activated by your heart. If you are following your heart’s desires and are genuinely more happy, then your aura will expand.  Since the aura is magnetic in nature, you start attracting more experiences that make you happy. See how that works? You will not be able to radiate sadness or depression and attract happiness. Like attracts like, that’s the Universal law.

Doing more of what makes you love life or feel happiness is the key. It’s nature’s way of telling you if you’re on the right path. Doors will open where there were none before. Miracles will happen. Coincidences and grace will happen. Some people call this synchronicities lining up. Your divine path to abundance will start to open up if you choose to do what makes you happy.

The one thing I have struggled with my whole life is feeling powerless. Powerless to what is going on around me, powerless compared to other people, powerless to working for someone else my entire life. I never felt like I had any power to change anything. I always felt trapped and hopeless, even worthless. Writing has given me back my power. Knowing that my voice matters and that Iam helping other people makes me feel more worthy and useful, even powerful!  I can write one article that will give you all the tools for success that you need for free!!!! The power lies in your emotions and thoughts. That’s it!

Living grateful and happy in the present moment opens the door to miracles and magic. You have to become conscious of every thought and every feeling. Complaining is gone. Whining is gone. Unless you want more of what makes you whine and complain. And oh my God, don’t speak anything out loud unless you’re prepared to see it happen right in front of your face. The energy resonance of this planet is getting so high right now that I can watch people say something and two minutes later, it is happening. They never even see the connection. They’re still asleep to how this all really works!!! Energy controls everything!!!

I’m so excited now that I want to write another article to share examples with you from my life. Go here to read quick turn-around manifestations I have witnessed. It’s really funny! Once you start paying attention, you will see it happening too!

Remember, you not only have the power, you are the power!!!


I love you all!





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