I created a day filled with magic…

Friday started out just like any other day. We woke up at 6:30, I packed my husband’s lunch for work, I pulled the garbage out to the street, and I went back to bed to sleep in until around 10:00. This is my normal routine if I am scheduled to serve the dinner shift at the restaurant I work at. I woke up to a text on my phone from my husband. He was leaving work after lunch because his sinuses had kept him from sleeping well the night before.

Needless to say, my ego was disappointed because I had plans to do some editing on my book that afternoon. I like the house to be quiet with no distractions while he is at work to write and edit because I can concentrate. I decided that what was going to be, was going to be, and working on the book would just have to flow to another day. Water. I try really hard when something doesn’t go my way to be like water and flow around it. You know, to stop resisting it and let things line up divinely. I have been able to have a lot of success with this method. I waste a lot less energy on things I cannot control that way.

So, he went to his doctor to get his allergy shots that he had procrastinated about in the first place. He is not very good at loving himself, hence the sinus issues at hand. He brought us home some lunch, over which we discussed his plans for the evening while I went to work. It was the Youth Night for my stepson’s football league and the cheerleaders, as well. I told him that if work called me off like the previous two Fridays that I could go with him for the first time in the four years Josh has played football. This is the evening where the younger players come out onto the big High School field at halftime of their game, in full uniform as the announcer introduces them to the crowd. I have always wanted to go. Brian proceeded to tell me that he did not want me to go because my ex-boss would be there. I know in my heart that what went on between my ex-boss and I would never be enough to cause me to make a scene in public,  but without argument, I regressed on my decision to go to Youth Night out of respect for my husband’s blatant concern for his son’s well being.

About that time, I looked at my phone and I got a reminder for an event that evening. It was a book signing in Cincinnati that started at seven o’clock. There were going to be seven local authors that had each contributed a story to the book the event was featuring called 365 Moments of Grace. This book was the second in a series called The 365 Series. Both books had become Amazon Bestsellers. I was excited. I really wanted to go to this event because there was a chance at making some connections and maybe getting some advice about being published. What to do, where to go, maybe some kind of guidance or something! I just really felt the desire to want to go to this event. Tara Robinson, the editor of the Whole Living Journal here in Cincinnati was going to be there. Her new book that is being published through Hay House is coming out in April, and I just wanted to meet her so bad.

I clicked “Going” on the event and just DECIDED that The Universe was going to make this happen for me. That I was going to get a text from my boss at least one more Friday so I could go to this. I just knew that I was supposed to be there and I was expecting a text telling me not to come to work  at any second. Preferably before I drove the 35 minutes to get to where I work. No luck. I drove down the highway knowing and believing I was supposed to go to this event and checking my phone repeatedly looking for a text from my manager. Nothing. I was almost crying by the time I pulled into the parking garage and I didn’t even know why. I hadn’t heard of this event before today. I just felt drawn to it. I even wrote a message on the event page that expressed my sadness that I guessed I would not be able to come. I was very disappointing and I doubted that I could be my usual bubbly self at work that night, knowing that my heart was somewhere else.

I walked into the hallway at work where I crossed paths with a different manager than usual for Friday evenings. He kind of laughed when he asked me,”I guess you didn’t get my text?” My spirit lifted with the possibility that he might be saying I did not have to work. “No, did you use the one in Hot Schedules, because it’s wrong. It goes to my husband’s phone. He was asleep on the couch when I left.” “Oh, I’m sorry! Yes, I was trying to save you the drive down here. You have the evening off if you want it.”

I flipped out right there. My heart was pounding like I ran a marathon or something. Something was lining up here for me. I ran out of work and started thanking the Universe all the way back to my car. I was so full of gratitude. I went back to the event site online and I almost erased the first message, my ego saying you should be embarrassed for putting that message up there, everyone reading it, and now you’re going to be there. I ALMOST took it down, but I paused and decided that to tell everyone that the Universe had graced me with the opportunity to come after all. Magic was definitely at work here folks.

I arrived at the center and immediately I met one of the authors in the foyer, Sophie Maya. She asked me about what brought me there and I shared the brief story of how I was a blogger, writing my own book, and that I was there to try to connect with the authors. We went on to share a giggle over the days events that allowed me to be there last minute and she asked me if I knew about the raffle. I told her that I did not. She went on to tell me,”Oh there is a raffle for a spot to contribute a story to the next book in the 365 Series, so make sure you sign up. Even if you don’t win, you can purchase a spot for $100 or maybe a little more, I’m not sure of the exact cost.” I told her that was okay, I’d rather just let the Universe give it to me. We really laughed over that statement and we parted ways.

I sat there as tears welled up in my eyes with goosebumps and my crown chakra lighting up as these authors shared their stories of grace. It was really moving. I was thoroughly enjoying being around women that I could relate to. People I felt normal around. The authors gave the floor to the audience for us to share stories of grace if felt so inclined to do so. I was on fire inside wanting to tell the days events of how I was able to be there in the room that I was indeed so grateful to be in. Something was holding me back though. A thought actually crossed my mind that I really kind of tried to blow off, but I couldn’t. It was pretty strong. It told me,”let’s not share your story just yet. Let’s wait until you win the spot in the next book and then tell your story!” My guide is funny, because that’s what I love. Funny people with a light spirit.

I felt kind of sad for letting the moment go. I had really wanted to participate. The girls announced they were ready to pull the winner out for the spot to contribute a story to the next book. I was freaking out. I was vibrating so hard and fast inside, I just knew it had to be me. Everything had lined up so perfectly. Sophie, the author that I talked to in the foyer before the event, was picking the name out. She pulled a slip of paper out, unfolded it, and says out loud”Oh my God, no way!” as her eyes lifted and looked directly at me. I couldn’t believe it. She said “Missy Conley! You guys are never going to believe this!” She told the part of the day that she had witnessed, the talk we had in the foyer. Her emphasis was on the last line when I told her I would just let the Universe give the spot in the book to me. The authors were shocked too. She motioned me up to the stage where I was happy to get to tell everyone in the room how my day had magically lined up to get me to that stage right then and there. I was supposed to be there for divine reasons. I was shaking like a leaf, barely breathing, but I was on stage telling my story of grace in front of about fifty people. ME. On stage. Talking to fifty people. Oh my GOD, I couldn’t even do book reports in front of the class without swallowing my tongue as a kid. I was always petrified.

This was for divine purpose though. I was inspiring other people to not give up. I was a living example of grace unfolding perfectly in divine timing. I have almost 100 blog posts now and I have been shooting articles all over the internet trying to get published for like six months, and low and behold. I skipped over the internet, right into a Amazon bestselling BOOK. Don’t be sad when you don’t get what you want. If you don’t give up, you’re going to make a quantum leap. You’re going to skip the little goals you had set up for yourself, and you’re going to jump ahead to the even better stuff!!! The Universe had a bigger plan for me. Just like Oprah says in her video about how she got the part in The Color Purple. We can’t even imagine the plans God has for us. They’re way bigger than anything we have planned.

This wasn’t all. After I sat down from telling my story, the authors gave away other prizes. Some autographed copies of inspirational books, a couple of different kinds of energy healings or sessions, and different things. As they were doing so, I wasn’t resonating so much with anything they were giving away until a session of Breathwork came up that Carrie Kondor was giving away. I thought to myself,”I need that! For some reason, I just do, but I would be winning twice though.” The next thought that came shocked even me. It was,”Let go of the guilt. It’s an abundant Universe!” As soon as that thought crossed my mind, Carrie called my name. Like magic. Complete and total magic. I had won one of three spots they gave away to contribute a story to the next book in the 365 Series AND the session of Breathwork! I was in shock first, but so full of gratitude. It was my night to manifest, and boy did it feel amazing!!

Downstairs at the book signing, Tara said to me,”you do realize that the next one of these that we have, that you will be onstage with us! You will be downstairs signing books like this, and your face will be on all of the promotional material for the event. Not only that, but these books have both become Amazon bestsellers!” I was on cloud nine. As a writer, this was the beginning of my dream coming true. You talk about an amazing day of Grace. It seemed magical that the topic of the event I was wanting to come to had been Grace. I never expected in a million years that it would be an Evening of Grace for me! Don’t give up on your dreams, keep believing! They will manifest, I promise. just follow what your heart really wants. It knows the way. May many blessings rain down on you!

I love you all!





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  1. Thank you so much Missy, very synchronistic for me. I am so grateful you shared this moment of your life. Blessings and thank you for believing! Your story comes as an inspiration at a time of “believing before seeing” for me .😙

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