Imagination is the key to creating your dreams…

This seems to be the missing piece for me.

So here I am, about ten years deep into researching and learning all about the Law of Attraction. I now understand that everything comes down to frequency and vibration, that everything in the Universe is made up of the same exact thing. It’s just sound waves slowed down enough to be perceived as solid. Our thoughts are electric and our emotions magnetic. Whatever we radiate emotionally from ourselves outward is what comes back to us. So if we are happy, we attract more experiences that make us happy. If we are dark and negative, then we attract experiences that give us more of that negative emotion we are putting out to the Universe.

Now really start to think about where emotions come from. Our emotional state comes directly as a result of what we are thinking, so technically it all starts there. You have a thought, whether it’s good or bad, and the brain immediately sends either a harmful hormone or a healing hormone throughout your entire body. This is karma going on right inside the body. Too many negative thoughts and your body starts to get sick, or worse yet, it starts to create a dis-ease. You have lots of good, positive, fun thoughts and your body stays healthy and heals faster.

The other aspect to what I have learned over the years is that we are living in a hologram. We’re creating everything as we go with our consciousness simply by waking up every morning. Now from what I understand, when we go to sleep at night, we “go home.” Our consciousness takes a break. All resistance drops and the operator, which is us, the thinking monkey brain, surrenders and steps aside. That’s why sleep is so important when we are trying to heal. Whether it’s the flu, recovering from surgery, or whatever. That’s when we get ourselves out of the way and the bombardment of thoughts stop long enough for the body to heal at a faster rate. That’s a good reason to start meditating too, probably. Although, I am guilty as charged. I sleep like a rock like thirty seconds after I hit the pillow, and I adore sleep. I have always worked nights and I have no children so I have always had the luxury of sleeping in for as long as I want. But I have never actively meditated. Shame on me! LOL.

Not really shame on me. I have felt really inclined to start meditating lately, I just haven’t made the choice to stop and surrender long enough. I’ll tell you what I think is the final key though. Now this is my honest opinion. If I can make one last surrender into allowing my intuitive voice its last request of me, I bet a million dollars that I can shake this 80 extra pounds melt right off of my body. It has served me well over the years. It has provided me protection and safety from any sort of sexual abuse happening again.

Yes, I was with a man for five years who I allowed to mistreat me. I now have accepted the blame myself and owned it as my own fault for putting up with him for so long. It took me a very long while to swallow that pill, trust me. I wanted to blame him and I even called it abuse for a very long time. But the real truth is, he never held a gun to my head. I could have left him at anytime, but I was emotionally and physically addicted. I was weak emotionally and also addicted to cocaine. He did lure me in with his charms and I’m totally convinced that he was a gifted empath, but he used his gift in a dark manner. He manipulated me emotionally and even guilt tripped me into trying cocaine my very first time. But ultimately, I submitted. I made that choice.

As things progressed, and my addiction grew, I fell down the rabbit hole of constantly being high from either cocaine or marijuana. I even tried opium one time. I had attended church until I was eighteen years old. This wasn’t me. Things progressed into even more dark times when he starting getting other people involved in our sex life. I did many things I became shameful of after I finally left him. I had a lot of shame and guilt hanging over my head. More negative programming from him. They same way my dad told me I was going to be a failure. Talk about the same patterns happening over and over.

The point of all this is, I created a shell of protection. The fat has served its purpose for me for a very long time. I literally recreated myself into someone considered unattractive so less people would look at me in a sexual manner. We literally create our own body from what we are thinking and feeling.

So, I figure if I meditate and I look into creative visualization, I can recreate myself again. I am ready to dump the fat suit. I’m ready to become my own best version. I avoided the visualization thing for a long time. I wasn’t ready emotionally yet. Now I feel like I am ready. Ready for a new me. I think that maybe if I mediate and surrender the operator, my nonstop thinking monkey brain, and I step aside, I can do this. I surrender my thoughts and step into the void, the nothingness, the infinite, quiet space that I have only reached a few other times, that I can insert a New Missy into that blank space and I can create her. If I can, no, WHEN I do that, when I see the New Version of Myself in that infinite realm of possibilities, on the inside, then I can make the New Missy appear on the outside!

There’s science backing this too, my friends. A doctor has already done all the research for you. He had his own personal experience with having to recreate himself just like I described above. His name is Dr. Joe Dispenza and he’s awesome. He’s got a lot of material and interviews on Gaia TV, which is a streaming network that’s like Netflix, but it’s got everything spiritual or esoteric that you can imagine. I love it! It’s worth every cent to me. I think they always have a free trial or something special going on for new subcribers, so you should totally check it out! Gaia TV has programs that cover everything from the paranormal to UFO’s, channeling to yoga, indigo children to nutrition, conspiracy theories to psychics. But you might also remember Dr. Joe from his appearance in the movie What the Bleep do we Know. 

Right now, I am reading his book I am the Placebo, and it’s amazing. Like I said, he’s done all the work and the research for the science that backs all of this. He gives tons of examples of people that have healed themselves through the placebo effect, or getting better results in healing from the body by being on a placebo. There’s even one story about a guy that nearly overdosed from a placebo that he thought was real medicine while he was doing a clinical test.

This is for real folks. The only thing stopping us from healing ourselves, or becoming a rock star, or writing a best selling book is ourselves. It starts with a thought that turns into more like thoughts, then becomes belief, then becomes a state of being, then becomes our personality. Dr. Joe says our personality creates our personal reality. It makes sense, doesn’t it!? Here’s a nice video that shows Dr. Joe explaining the both the Law of Attraction and healing your own body!! I had to share it with you!! As a side note, check out more videos from Lilou Mace on YouTube too! She interviews some pretty amazing leaders in the metaphysical and esoteric field!!! She’s fun and bubbly too so she’s a joy to watch! You might want to check out part two of this interview, it was good too!!

So there you go! It’s settled. The monks were right. We need to meditate and use our third eye, but only if we want to make our wishes and dreams come true!!!

The third eye is just another word for IMAGINATION. We got this guys!! Now let’s get out there and create a NEW WORLD!!! Our world!!!

Love you all!





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