Your next step in personal awareness…escaping caveman brain

In today’s society, with the onslaught of information pouring into our systems all day, everyday, I can see how peace can be mislabeled as boredom. We are running around taking the kids to sports, going to and from work, figuring out what to make for dinner, and we’re used to that constant flow of adrenaline. It makes up feel more alive, but I’m here to tell you that the constant flow of stress hormones is what causes you to mislabel peace as boredom. We’re not used to peace. It feels awkward, kind of like boredom.

We simply don’t know what to do when we actually get to stop. We’ve thrown our bodies into a constant state of fight or flight. This is when the caveman part of our brains take over. Everything else in the brain shuts down except the parts needed to run for our lives. Yes, I said run FOR our lives. This is exactly what happened when a tiger was chasing us during caveman days. Our senses picked up the threat through sight, sound, whatever, and it was off to the races. The whole brain shuts down, except for what’s crucial at the moment, the brain releases adrenaline to boost our energy level temporarily, sends signals to the body to shift all the blood to the extremities, away from worrying about digestion and the rest of our crucial body functions to give us the strength and energy to outrun DEATH. We don’t need to be running like this everyday all day long. This is how your body systems start to dis-ease. We MUST have peace the great majority of our lives to stay healthy!

For example, this is what I think the typical American adult experiences EVERYDAY from morning until night. You wake up, you get the kids breakfast, get them dressed and off to school, hurry on to getting yourself ready for work, you sit in traffic on the way, work profusely all day, get off work, sit in more traffic, get the kids, pull dinner together or hit a restaurant, take them to sports, or help them with projects and homework, get everyone showered, and finally hit the bed. Often too tired for sex or intimacy and too wired up for sleep. Stop for a second and look at this day again. When did you ever come out of caveman brain? Did you ever get out of fight or flight mode at all? No, you spent the whole day in fight or flight mode. This will make you sick, either on a small scale, but behind the scenes, on a large scale. You can’t trick the body, the body knows and feels every single hormone and every single thought all day long. You don’t have to believe me at all. You body already does.


If you’re in constantly living in fight or flight or panic mode, you’ll eventually stop. It’s called a cold, the flu, diabetes, a heart attack, a stroke, or even an aneurysm. You have to stop now. You have to stop sending panic hormones through your body. What’s going on, is that we are moving into a time of faster, more intense energies coming to the planet. If you’re into the Law of Attraction at all, you know that what you are putting out, you’re going to get more in return. So if  you are putting out panic vibes and worried vibes you are going to get more and more of what makes you panic and worry. You’re going to get more of what stresses you out, including disease. Thoughts are manifesting quicker and easier now and you’re going to start feeling the karma of your thoughts a lot quicker! Did you forget? We’re moving into 5d folks, you know the land of milk and honey and negativity is not invited. It’s time, we have to stop living like this.

Living in fight or flight mode has been used by the media and the elite for hundreds of years to keep your caveman brain from elevating its vibrational frequency. If your brain stays in panic mode, and constantly worried about the next big “train wreck” in your life or running late to practice, then how can you possibly ever focus on happiness, peace, or even love. WE HAVE TO SLOW DOWN. It’s not a choice, it’s a must. If you continue to live from this point of consciousness, you will get sick and you may even exit the planet early. That’s how serious this is. If you don’t slow down, your body will make you. Watch and see.

Some of you may have already been forced to slow down by dis-ease or an accident or even something more chronic, like cancer. In that case, please explore seeing a medical intuitive, a Reiki Master, or energy healer in your area. I promise you, the medical doctors can treat your symptoms, but if you want a cure you have to treat the spiritual root of the problem, which translates to thoughts and emotion.  It could be some trauma from the past that you put on the back burner or locked up and threw away the key and hasn’t been resolved. This issue has to be dealt with. There’s not a choice anymore friends.

You also have to allow your own self some space, some alone time, some fun time, some QUIET time. I say QUIET like that, in all caps, because it’s so important. If you don’t stop or slow down you are going to have a real problem. You’re not going to be able to serve anyone. No helping the kids, no helping your husband or your sick parents, because you’re going to be sick yourself. If you’re reading this, then I know you are sensitive. You know you know you’re sensitive, and you can’t live life like this anymore. This isn’t just me talking here, this is a message. A divine message. I write what I’m told. Take it or leave it, but I hope you don’t have to reach a point of crisis before you really believe this, but sometimes that’s what it takes for us to awaken.

I love you all! Take care of you first! Be selfish, or else!!!

A side note:

The original title of this article was Peace mislabeled as boredom, and I’ll tell you why. I have finally given in and stopped resisting what I have believed has been my purpose for a long time. Writing. It was right there in front of me for years. The clues and everything. How or why could I have not seen them for so long? Well things had to line up perfectly for that to happen, including my emotional growth. You can’t write a book that shows the world how to forgive your parents for such an emotionally scarring childhood when you still have a shit ton of anger inside, now can you? My parents had to die before I could give myself permission to write a book revealing all of our darkest moments as a family.

I have been writing this book and I’ll tell you, I have had more peace roll into my life than I ever had. So much so that I woke up questioning it this morning. For a moment, I actually felt bored with my life. Now that’s never happened!! My ego actually tried to convince me something was wrong, that maybe I wasn’t doing something right. My intuition intervened and said,”ha! You’ve just mislabeled peace as boredom. There’s nothing wrong here There is peace because you’re living your purpose! It’s just peaceful and you don’t know how to act when you have it.”

I just wanted to share that with you too!




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