How to create reality everyday, all day long

There’s no secret anymore. The secret is out. YOU ALREADY ARE CREATING YOUR OWN REALITY, ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!!! You’re doing it right now because you’re not sleeping. You’re awake and conscious in this dimension. In this dimension all it takes is a conscious being to create a Universe that belongs to them exclusively. There are over 7 billion Universes overlapping and creating and contributing to a collective Universe on this planet right now. You, right there as you’re reading this, are your own Universe. One giant experience of your own. One unique perspective. What you are experiencing and creating by using your own thought forms that create your beliefs, that create your environment, that create your life in general, is contributing to the Collective Consciousness of this planet.

In other words, you matter. You count. You always did and you always will. If you feel shitty about your life and shitty about yourself and shitty about your job then you’re bringing down the vibrational frequency of this planet. Now do you feel you have a purpose? Do you feel guilty for bringing down the vibration overall? Don’t. Let that shit go. Get on the bus. It’s not too late. It’s never too late. We’re all going to 5D together. No one’s getting left out. Even the folks who have exited the planet, don’t worry over them or fret you’ll never see them again. They’ve simply served the life they signed up to live, to help elevate us, by doing good or bad, to where we are now. They’re still with us. Sure cry because you miss them, that’s good for you. Of course we miss them, we love them. But they haven’t left us, they’re simply on the other side of a very thin veil. If we wish to, we can communicate with them. Either through learning how to ourselves or through a trusted medium. If you don’t know what to look for in a trusted medium, check out my article What is a psychic reading anyway? It won’t help you find one, but it will tell you how to know when you have. You will just know.

So moving forward, i wanted to talk a little about something I saw in a thread. it may be easier to just post it for you so that’s what I’ll do.


Tarah is speaking of manifesting as if it’s something we have to try to do. Manifesting is something we do all day long. As soon as we wake up, we’ve manifested our environment. What happens to our environment when we are sleeping, you might be asking? Well, according to the double slit experiment, nothing exists without an observer. Well, it exists, just not in this dimension because it takes on the form of a wave. Nothing is really constant even though it appears so. By constant, I mean solid. Like you knock on your table and you know it’s solid. Well your brain tells you it’s solid. Well Newtonian classical physics tells you it’s solid.

Now quantum new science says in fact, that it is not. When scientists went further and further and looked into matter more closely, they discovered that beyond the atom was made up of quanta. Energy. mostly empty space. As a matter of fact, 99.99999% empty space. There are comparisons of one particle in scale being as close to one another as like a football field or something ridiculous like that. Meaning if we went by scale and compared how close actual pieces of matter were in relation to each other, one piece would be where you are sitting and the next piece would be the equivalent of a football field away from you. That’s how much empty space really exists in us. Crazy. Goes against everything we ever learned as kids or what you’re learning right now. This seems to not be common knowledge. Hmmmm. Let’s look at some more science.

So, when you get down to the quantum zone, for lack of a better word, matter behaves one of two ways. Like a particle and like a wave. They now know that particle pop in and out of existence millions of times a second. This means that we and the things that surround us are not truly solid in nature. Not as solid as we thought and that’s a big deal. Why is it a big deal? Well, I’ll tell you my personal opinion. Here it is. This means that everything in existence on this plane is energy. Energy does what? It vibrates. Matter is just sound frequency that vibrates at a slow enough rate for us to perceive things as being solid. Why does that matter?

Here’s the hook. At least for me, it is. Thoughts are vibrations, we think them. Emotions is energy in motion, you could say magnetic in nature. Now this is me speaking here, not science. I’m just piecing together spiritual stuff with science for a theory, well, a reality for me, but a theory for others to ponder and wrap your head around. If thoughts are vibration and emotions are magnetic, then once harnessed and fine tuned, you can manifest whatever you want by simply thinking about it.

Right now we metaphysical people know there’s a buffer in place. A time buffer. I believe in 2012, third dimension went away. There’s a great guy Jim Self who teaches about this. Third dimension having gone away in 2012. That’s what happened at the end of the Mayan calendar. We’re now living in 4d with a small time buffer separating us from manifesting what we want instantaneously. I mean we can’t go 5d with all the negativity going on collectively in the world right now. We wouldn’t want to manifest something awful just by thinking about it. We would destroy ourselves with that much power now. I’m sure that someday soon we’ll be manifesting instantly, but we have to elevate the frequency for that to happen. Every individual aura counts, this means you.

We are creating 5d right now. Every time you do something that makes you happy. Every time you sing a song, every time you hug your child, every time you feed someone whos hungry. Help a friend. Anything that makes you feel good inside is helping! Promise me something. Evn if my science is off and I quote things incorrectly, you have caught my vibe. The real science is there to prove it all, just google double slit experiment. Google sacred geometry. Google thoughts being vibrations. Here’s a great FREE copy of a text written in 1905 called Thought-Forms.. Wow, you talk about a great little book. It helps explain karma and everything! Here’s the page that explains that:


You might really want to skim through it. Your eyes always seem to find exactly what you need to see anyway. It’s kind of a hard read for me though. I get what I need and I move on.

if this is too much for you and it stretches your mind too far, that’s too bad. It’s Mercury Retrograde and we just had a solar eclipse and a new moon. You wanted power? Now you got it. Make the quantum leap. Get on the crazy bus! Jump in the water’s fine! I love you all and I appreciate your support AND your resistance. You think this is bad? We’re heading towards unlimited thinking! That means you can be anyone, live forever, manifest money just by thinking about it, and whatever else you want!! What did you think 5d was? It’s heaven on Earth! Imagine that, my friend.

Love to you all!!!











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