There’s a shift going on…WITHIN YOU

Wow. What a revelation I just had. I know I posted two other titles that I haven’t even gotten to write about yet, but I wanted to remember them as they came to me. I have to write in the moment today about a very important thing I just realized.

If you are spiritual at all, which I assume you are or you would not be reading this, you know about The Shift that everyone is talking about. If you don’t know or you are new to all things metaphysical, quantum, and esoteric, I will give you my version of what I think The Shift is. 

The Shift is to me, a movement. It’s not a sudden change as the name might lead you to believe. It’s a gradual movement towards more Unity, Peace, Love, and Compassion on Earth. Some people call this Ascension. Some people call it moving into 5d or the Fifth Dimension. There’s a lot more that can be said about moving into this space of love and acceptance. There are so many great evolutionary benefits to what this Shift will bring to us as a human race, as a whole. But that’s a different blog post all together. Matter of fact, before I forget, I’m going to create a page for it now so I can remember to write about that too. Click here for some of the evolutionary “perks and benefits” of moving into 5d. If it’s not there yet, I am still creating it! 🙂 OR, I had to go to work!!!

Before getting into all of that super fun stuff, I want to tell you about my revelation this morning. Just now. Right before I wrote this. I was reading Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life when I was making a list of thoughts that I would like to begin thinking since I have been working profusely on clearing my head of any thought lately. What set me on that path was the sudden flash of insight to OBSERVE WITHOUT JUDGEMENT.  So I have been implementing that lately and you know what? It’s amazing how much energy I have begun to preserve for myself by letting go of not having to judge people or their actions! It really takes the load off of your mind when you are in  traffic and someone cuts you off and you blow them a kiss and just keep on singing!!! That’s what I am doing. I don’t always succeed, sometimes I still automatically respond in the old angry way I used to by yelling or blowing the horn, but I am changing. I’m moving in a different direction and that’s what counts! You have to be willing, that’s all!

So I have gotten pretty good at not thinking at all most of the time, which sounds kind of crazy considering I used to not be able to sleep because I had no control over the thoughts going through my mind. now I have moved into a space in my mind of what some people might consider boring, but that’s just a mislabeling of peace. I’m at peace a lot now. i can only imagine how my body can use all of that energy that I used to use up on thinking shitty thoughts about other people. My body is like,”I’ll use this to heal your kidneys, or your eyesight, or your back that hurts all the time.” Imagine a re-channeling of the energy and how it can heal your body! That’s exciting! Now, all you have to do is choose to use your energy on yourself rather than blowing it all out at someone on the expressway or at someone in the grocery line that’s moving too slow for you. What’s the hurry? The world’s not going anywhere! Take your time…slow down a little.

Soooo…I was reading the book. Writing down thoughts I would like to think, sorry the AD/HD took over there for a minute but it was a valid thought coming through, so I let it flow. As I was writing the new thoughts down that I would like to think and believe about myself, I had an intuitive flash. I have reached my OWN SHIFT.


I have reached my own point of no return. I am at the apex of change. I know it and I feel it. I never realized I was creating my own Shift too! I guess it makes sense once you think about it. Let me explain.

The book I am writing right now My dad, the racist. My mom, the schizophrenic, is sharing with the world a lot of the stories that I lived while I was growing up. The events that shaped my life and my beliefs. I entered the adult world at eighteen with no self worth and no self esteem. I believed all kinds of horrible things that I didn’t even realized I was believing. Not until I got out of rehab in 2005. That’s when I started therapy and started to allow myself to feel my feelings and all of the floodgates started to open. Now, here I am eleven years later finally having reached the summit of my own Mt. Everest. I finally climbed and clawed and dragged myself up the mountain to rise above all of the negative things I believed about myself and all the things that kept me from just being me and even just accepting me for who I was to myself. I hated myself for a long time even. But today, today I feel different. I feel like things are going to be easier from here. I feel like I have finally turned the corner to facing the sun. I have made The Shift. My own personal Shift.

Now that I am here, I’m seeing that we all have a Shift to make in ourselves. You know, like Neo did in The Matrix. That moment when he relaxed and he just knew. He barely had to put up a fight to beat the “bad guys.” You will reach this point and when you do the light bulb will come on over your head. You’ll know. I got this. I always did. Now I am just conscious of it. Now you can run into what you once believed was your worst fears and defeat them!!! This is so exciting!!!! Yay!!!! 🙂

It’s my personal opinion that when enough people have made their own personal Shift, that all of those little Shifts will add up into a bigger shift and that’s how we will change the world. That’s how the greater Shift will come into being. WE are the key, individually. When we unlock our greatness and compassion and love for ourselves, that’s the key to our dreams coming true. Both our personal dreams for ourselves and for the World at large!

We can do this guys! i know it’s possible. I reached a new point today! I have never felt this much relief from doubt before. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of reprogramming to do, but I think this point has me back to a blank canvas! I can now put back in all the good stuff my parents never taught me. I start thinking successful and positive thoughts! I used to think things like,”I can’t write a book. Even if I do, who would read it? What do I have to offer the world?” Lately I have been thinking more like,”I am telling my story and that gives other people permission to as well. It makes them brave enough to tell their story. I have a unique perspective and experience and if I share it from the heart, people will love it. People are going to respect me for my courage and appreciate my truth. I’m going to help lift the stigma from racism, schizophrenia, and addiction. People can change. I did and I’m not stopping until I am sitting on Oprah’s couch and this book is Worldwide. Other people in other countries are curious about life in the USA and they would buy a book like this too! I can self publish and build my following from the ground up on my blog and on Facebook. The people will share it by word of mouth and I won’t have to do hardly anything! Then when I sell enough on Amazon, it will get the attention of a publisher and it’s off to the races after that. This is only my first book. I can’t wait until I get to the second one and the third one and on and on…That desire for the beach house was not put in me for no reason. It’s gonna happen!!!”

How’s that for change? You can do it too! You WILL do it! I know it because it’s TIME for The Shift and you’re a part of it! When I first realized that, I cried. I sobbed because I was grateful to realize that I was actually needed for something. I really felt a sense of purpose for the first time in my life and I cried and thanked God for it. I had felt so useless all of my life. Writing gives me purpose and meaning. Knowing I help people everyday. Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback and sharing and liking my blog posts on Facebook! I can’t wait to experience our new world that we are creating together everyday!!!

Take it one present moment at a time and keep on swimming guys!! We’re all in this big fishbowl together!!! I love you guys!!

Time to go wait on some tables!!! Just a little longer til I’m finished officially with my book!!!


❤ Missy

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash



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