The evolutionary “perks and benefits” of moving into 5d

Fifth dimension is not a place, so to speak. It’s more of a state of consciousness. No one is telling to go there, no one is dragging you there, it’s a choice. What you allow into your life is what will appear. How far you are willing to expand your mind to allow is what you will be capable of. This applies to anything. Any ability or any so-called “power” you feel like conjuring up. I know it seems like science fiction, but in our world, 5d…we make the rules. We eventually will grasp with our minds, which are only now in the baby steps of evolution, that we are capable of doing or being anything we want to be. Now that’s looking pretty far down the rabbit hole, but that’s the end result of things. At least to me it is. Unlimited thinking, unlimited being, and unlimited doing.

As individuals, we may have to take small steps with evolution even though unlimited has and always will be there for us. Folks are starting to really wake up these days and the big question in my mind lately is are we ready to take it to the next level? Can we begin to imagine what it would be like to live with no limits? Achieving or becoming anything we want to. We have to lay down some foundation first, and it starts with freeing yourself from the imaginary bondage of other people. We create our own cages. It’s true. I did for years.

I can’t do that, it would upset my mom and dad. I can’t do that, what would people think of me? I can’t do that, I would get fired. I can’t do that, my partner/spouse would break up with me. I can’t post that on Facebook, people would judge me. I can’t make mac and cheese for dinner, Brian won’t eat it. I’ll just let it go even though I really want it. 

You just sacrificed something you would enjoy because someone else didn’t like it. Love yourself enough to get what you want too!

It comes down to fear based thinking. By making any statements similar to the ones above, you just put an invisible, but very real ball and chain around your ankle. Now that person has power over you. Power that you just gave them. It didn’t exist until you created it in your mind. Our thoughts control our behaviors, and we have to become conscious of the thoughts we are allowing. If it’s limiting or negative, allow it, it’s there, okay, that’s fine, but you don’t have to listen to it or act on it. You have a choice. You’re not only allowed to be yourself, but it’s your right! Post the risque meme. Take a chance. Be you.

We are the trailblazers. If you’re reading this, you are here to clear the brush for individuality. Being true to you, your unique blend of character traits, likes, dislikes is your right and the World needs you. The best gift you can give is being you. Because being you raises your frequency. It raises your energy level. It raises our people’s vibration. You literally light up and your aura explodes. You become the most powerful human in the room and you will know it. You’ll feel it and so will other people. Like a moth to a flame, you’ll light up and people will want to know what antidepressant you’re on cause they want some! They will know something is different about you. Watch and see.

I gotta head to work, but I will leave you with this. All of those superpowers you see in the movies and the supernatural movies, we can do them. All of them. Maybe not right now, but there’s a reason “they” have made those things seem fictional for all of these years. I think they were thinking something like:

Maybe if we make movies about all the abilities that people could potentially have and we make them appear make believe or not real, then they will forget that they are capable of it all. Maybe we can keep our power if we know the real secrets and make everyone else think that they could never do anything powerful. That’s it. It’s settled…we’ll hide it in plain sight and they will never find out the truth. They’ll doubt it so much for so long that they would never even attempt to try anything. 

Evolution is here people. If we can get our heads wrapped around it and let go of our limited thinking, we can be anything. Yes, your gut feeling was right all along. There IS something bigger going on here, and the Shift is about to hit the fan.

Love you!



Photo by Lori Hoeck on Unsplash


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