What soul has ever grown without contrast?

Contrast is another name for discomfort. It’s a spiritual term used to politely describe not only just being slightly uncomfortable, but maybe something more extreme, such as suffering.

As co-creators, we might find it extremely hard to believe that we create contrast for ourselves. So let’s try to stretch our minds to suggest that our soul has an innate knowing that without suffering a setback or a certain set of extreme emotions, we would never otherwise move into growth.

Sometimes human beings get comfortable being comfortable. We get stuck for periods of time doing or being in one place too long, never changing a thing if not otherwise properly motivated to do so.

Take getting fired. That’s a good example. Maybe you really want to do something deep inside that you haven’t pursued, maybe you’ve never told anyone about it. Ever. That seed wasn’t planted in your heart for nothing, my friend. It’s not there for you to wish upon and not act upon. It’s there because that is what you’re supposed to be doing. As long as you avoid it and ignore it, pushing it down to stay comfortable and keep other people happy, you’re going to keep getting that same lesson over and over.

You know why? Because the heart doesn’t lie. It wants what it wants and you will never fully engage in what’s in the work that’s in front of you because you’re not truly interested in it. You might look at it as a long term plan to getting fired over and over. Because you are not in love with what you’re doing. You can’t lie to yourself and one day…one day in the future you’re gonna subconsciously self sabotage yourself into getting fired because you truly don’t want to be there!!!

Same goes for relationships and  friendships. Without the contrast you would never know your true worth. Without having someone who treats you badly, you would never know you desired being treated better. So even if we enter the adult world with little to no self esteem, there’s a universal system in place to teach us our worth. We eventually weed out what we can tolerate and what we can’t. Don’t worry, if you’re in the positive energy movement, expect a little more contrast, not less.

Do you know why? Because our level of tolerance of negativity get lower and lower everyday. We put up with less and less B.S. everyday! We delete or unfollow people on Facebook quicker than ever now. At least I do! We’re using contrasting situations to get rid of what we don’t like anymore. Same goes for say, television shows. We don’t have to give up television, we just weed out the dark stuff by using evolved technologies like Netflix. No annoying advertising to tell us we’re not good enough without products and no news media running a wrecking ball of all the negative crap they can compile into a half hour time slot.

I bet you didn’t even know you were evolving and growing so quickly now did you??? So if something “bad” happens to you today, just take it as a hint from the universe that you should be heading in a different direction anyway. Just remember contrast will guide us if we just quit resisting. Sometimes we have to be dragged kicking and screaming and in a different direction. We will get the same lessons over and over until we start to follow our heart. Then things will start to go our way! Doors will open where none were before!

Love you all!



Photo by Chase Clark on Unsplash


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