Want to tap into your creative abilities? Why not try channeling?

I have a natural ability to focus in and quiet my mind when I want to. The people that know me may find this difficult to believe because I am naturally very hyper by nature. I get fired up easily and energized by having a conversation with other people. I think they benefit from it to. I tend to make sense of things in some really weird esoteric way while at the same time being a hot mess in my own life. Well, maybe it’s just me that feels like I’m a hot mess and they really enjoy listening to me! That’s really cool that I just realized that! Maybe I am worth listening to!! Wow. Another A-ha moment in real time while writing!! So awesome and magical!

Soooo, anyway!!! I can actually sit down when I want to, without having meditated for years, or decades or even minutes and stop. Move my thinking mind aside, and invite Spirit in. Then Spirit gives me a wonderful never ending stream of creative material to write about all day everyday if I wanted to! All I had to do was ask!

So here’s how it went down. I was realllllly struggling and resisting going to work. I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. All I wanted to do was get my book done and I was getting restless because I was being too submissive to everyone else’s needs to get any writing done. I would beat myself up if I was writing a blog post instead of working on the book. I would be mad and resentful at my husband because I wasn’t allowing myself to write any. I was projecting blame for not making my own self happy and not honoring what I wanted to spend time doing. Once you start to create, you like freak out a little everyday unless you allow yourself the time to bring something into being. It’s like being an addict, but in a positive way! I mean, when you poop, you always want to turn around and see it! You want to see what you created!!! It’s natural! We should be tapping into this field of infinity to bring in more creativity!! More art, more painting, more writing, more singing, more everything! Spirit is waiting for us to allow it to move and create through us!!

So after I realized I was ignoring my own needs AGAIN, I went through a small phase of “I don’t know what to write about. I can’t think of anything.” Well, I realized I was pushing again. I was wanting and what do you get more of when you want?? More wanting. I broke that cycle and decided to give in. Not give up, give in. Big difference! I decided to ask for help from The Universe. I decided to give in to what Spirit wants me to create. I let it all go. I had read in a few places lately about what The Course in Miracles says to do. No, I did not study it for years either. I picked up and caught the pieces I needed as I surfed the net and gathered information about co-creation. Gabby Bernstein did a TedTalk that is absolutely mind blowing. I’m posting it below for you, don’t worry. She talks about exactly what I’m sharing with you. Letting Spirit work through you. But she mentions a quote from the Course that says,”Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say?” Don’t worry, you’re not losing your free will by saying this small prayer, you’re just asking Spirit to come in and give you guidance for the day. For the moment. For whatever you need!

I started saying,”Okay God, what’s up for today? What are we gonna write about?” when i sat down at the computer. I just clear my mind, wait for an answer either through clairaudience which might be a quick thought that shoots in form no where. It might be something totally off the wall. Something I am not used to writing about, but I say,”okay, well if that’s what you want….” and then I put my fingers over the keyboard the stream of thoughts start rolling into my head like a Netflix show. Sometimes I cannot type fast enough to keep up, or the ego side of me wants to edit a misspelling of a word when the red line pops up underneath a word and I get aggravated because I have to stop typing for that!! It’s crazy. It’s not scary, it’s just really natural and it’s nice. It’s nice to be writing things that people actually respond to now. I have written almost 100 posts and none of them are as interesting as the last few I have recently posted. That’s cause Spirit knows what’s up. Spirit knows what the masses need. Spirit wants to raise the energy on this planet like NOW! We need more Lightworkers that will help bring in the energy!!!

Oh and honey, you’re gonna make that money. I have not been hired yet or had an article published yet, but it’s gonna happen. I know it. I can feel the momentum building. When we cleaned out from under the bed the other day and moved the bedroom around and we found like eight journals full of writing, I knew it. I have been a writer for a very long time my friends. It’s at least part of my destiny here on the planet!!! I hope I have inspired you to at least give channeling a try! It’s not really like sitting down and saying,”ommm” for an hour first or anything like that! Your eyes don’t have to roll back or you don’t have to do any drugs or anything. You can just sit down and invite spirit in. If you don’t want to do it out loud, do it internally in your thoughts. We have a natural connection to all knowledge and creative talents, we have just been conditioned to believe otherwise!! Try it! It will work I promise. You can never sever your tie with Spirit. You are Spirit. Always connected and always loved and welcomed! Your Angels will be doing cartwheels when you begin to tap in!! You’ll be so excited that you did it! Your spirit will be lifted all day long!!! Don’t say I never warned you when i told you it was addictive though!!!

Here’s the video of Gabby Bernstein that I told you about! It’s soooo worth every second of the seventeen minute watch!!! It’s very inspiring! This can be you and I!!!!

Love you guys! Create a great day today!!!

Missy 🙂


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