What is a psychic reading anyway?

So you have someone come up to you as a reader. They’re open. They’re anticipating. They’re waiting. Hoping for an answer to some question or some problem they’re experiencing in their life.

We are there. Open as a channel. Waiting for Spirit’s response to their call, to their energy. We know Spirit is there. Spirit is always there when we call. We don’t always get the answers we want to hear and sometimes we don’t get an answer at all. Sometimes we receive something that needs tending to before an answer can come. We don’t get to pick or decide what comes through. We aren’t the keepers of that information, we’re merely the middle man.

If you’re sitting with a naturally gifted open channel psychic, you’re going to get an answer that blows your mind. You’re most likely not going to get some cheeky, whack-jawed answer that could sound good applied to most anyone or any situation. You’re going to get something that confirms you’re connecting to Spirit first and foremost. You are going to get validation that you have made genuine contact with something real, something solid.

Now I am not saying by any means that what you’re getting in the reading isn’t exactly what you need or that what they are saying is any less real. You’re still going to get great information. It’s still valid, don’t worry. You might need to hear exactly what you’re hearing to proceed to the best possible outcome. Keep in mind, since we are discussing this that you can choose to ignore what Spirit tells you, and that’s OK. just don’t expect to grow any or expand your potential any if you don’t have the balls to grab the bull by the horns. Energies are picking up here on Earth and it’s time to step forward into your power no matter where you are starting on your journey to bettering your life. You can simply stay stuck or charge ahead like a warrior. You can do it, it’s only your beliefs that make you think twice. Rethink how you want your life to progress. Do you really care what other people think of you? Do you really want to live your life according to how someone else thinks you should live? Not if you’re reading this article you don’t. You’re already coloring outside the lines. Don’t worry. We welcome that here!!!

Sometimes I wonder if a psychic reading is just triggering someone’s co-creative abilities? Maybe it is and that’s wonderful if that’s the case too! Either conscious or subconscious change…that’s what we want! Expansion! Growth! Abundance! Love! New experiences of Time! Slowing of Aging! Magic! Miracles! Healing! Doesn’t matter if we re-program them with what Spirit wants them to hear or if we are telling them something that they are looking for and wondering which path to take. It’s a beautiful means of delivery from the Super-conscious, God, Angels, Guides…Whatever you choose to call your form of guidance!

Just writing while I am thinking about the topic…Would love some feedback and comments on the subject. Tell me what you think! There’s no wrong answer!!!

Love you all,




One Comment

  1. I have faith & I believe in you & the Lord
    I know I’m my heart & soul what I just read will come true
    I’ve been waiting for some time, for something good to happen in my life, for over an year. My youngest son Allen Taylor hung hisself , I found him, gave him cpr but I couldn’t bring him back, God knows I triedy best. I even asked God not to takey boy, please take me
    Allen was 24 years old, married & they hady precise lil boy Lane
    He was only 6 months old when Allen died. When Allen died July 29th 2015 a part pf e died too
    I have another son Eddie Taylor witch I love as much as I did Allen
    My two boys is my life.y son Eddie has to go to court 30th of this month, his ex- girlfriend is wanting the judge & court to take his rights to his lil girl, Keylie Mae Taylor away from him
    i pray to God that the judge doesn’t take his right s away from him. We all love her do much & I think it would kill him if they took his rights away from him. Please give us some kind of sign that he gets joint custody of Keylie Mae after he gets out of prison Oct 27th 2016. Eddie is in there cause she lied on him, said he pushed her out of bathroom window & drugged her around the house by the hair of the head. She’s wrong by trying to do that but her boyfriend wants to adopt Keylie.That is the only way he will marry Stacey, only if she gets full custody & that way he can spank her without getting in trubu.please help us keep her in our family Lord Amen


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