My dad was a wizard.

They say with the powers of co-creation you only need two things. Intention and energy. We do this all the time. It’s what creates and attracts what comes to us. Now all you have to do to manifest something instantaneously is decide. You lock down on a possibility. You zero in on something and just know it’s going to be and it happens.

Let me give you an example. The older generation was amazing at instant manifestation because they were stubborn. Well, at least my dad was. He really thought, well, he knew he was right all the time. He was set in his ways. If you ever get around someone really old fashioned and set in their ways, you know what I am talking about. My dad ran the roost. He believed in the man calling all the shots and the women and children should just fall in and obey. Well, he had another thing coming when he married my mom. She was schizophrenic and fought back. Sometimes he would end up more afraid of her than she ever was of him!!!

Back to my example. There was this time that I was about seventeen years old. I wanted to go pick up my girlfriend Robin to go to the movies. Where I wanted to go was about twenty minutes drive on the highway and into a busy area of Cincinnati once you exited. This made him nervous. I was a new driver and he obviously did not want me to go. He said,”Missy, if you go down to tri-county tonight, you’re gonna get in an accident. I just know it. I am telling you, don’t go to Cincinnati tonight. You’ll wreck that car bigger than shit.” So there it was, intention and emotion. Emotion is the jet fuel that carries the intention into creation. Emotion is E-nergy in M-otion. E=mc2. It’s like he sent the intention out to the Universe on the back of a paper airplane filled with emotion as the fuel. The Universe complied and supported him because guess what happened? Yes. I wrecked. Coincidence? Maybe, if you believe in them.

What about the programming my dad placed in my head. I was a virgin and went to church every Sunday and didn’t want or need to do any drugs or drink booze to be happy. He and mom put me on birth control regardless at age sixteen, and my dad stood in my face and told me I was a drug head, an alcoholic and a whore. Even when I wasn’t. It made me hare him because I knew I was not a bad kid. His worst fears were all of those things that he told me I was when I was a teenager, but I wasn’t. Once I turned 21 and started to bartend, I became exactly those things. I did drugs, I drank, and had promiscuous sex. I blamed myself for years for all of the things that happened to him and my mom. Mom going in the hospital, her disease, and them divorcing. After all, he had told me it was all my fault. His worst fears manifested right in front of his face. He created it all. Feeding these ideas and thoughts with fear as the fuel.

When he and mom divorced, he bet us all that mom would sell the z-28 that he had garaged for like twenty years to my Uncle and my cousin who wanted to run it on the drag strip. They had joked with him over the years asking him to let them run it just one time. My dad said it would never happen. When he and mom divorced he must have let his fears get the best of him. She had taken the z-28 in the divorce because my dad wanted to keep his brand new pick up truck. He swore up and down she was gonna sell that car to Tony and Gene and it would end up running on Edgewater here in Cincinnati. That is the most popular quarter mile track. Guess what. Mom took another sick spell, a manic episode, and sold the car dirt cheap to Uncle Tony. Next thing you know, they were gutting that car inside and out. Getting it ready for the track. Dad was about to lose his mind! He was raising hell. He ranted and raved over that car saying,”I knew it! I knew they get that car from her and I knew they’d ruin it. They are doing this just to spite me!!! I hat all the Davenports and the Holiways. I hope to God Gene wrecks that son of a bitch and it tears him all to pieces. I hope he wrecks it and tears it all to hell and back.”

Now he did this for months. That’s all I ever heard about, was this old car shit. I got tired of hearing him bitch day in and day out, but my dad was very emotionally attached to his cars. Seriously, he was dirt poor growing up and didn’t have shit til he moved to Cincinnati and got on at Cincinnati Milacron. Then he started buying his toys. Motorcycles, mustang fast backs, big pick-up trucks to use when he went hunting and fishing. He HATED Gene and Tony for “taking” his car even though fair was fair. Mom was entitled to a car when they divorced. So like I said, he wished and wished and swore up and down that Gene was going get what was coming to him, and he was gonna wreck that car one day on the track.

Well, one day, after he and mom had gotten back together, the phone rang. My Aunt Izetta was calling mom to tell her that Gene had wrecked the “Z” on the track and they had him in the hospital. He ran the car on the quarter mile and had pretty much totaled the car out on the strip. Gene was not killed, but the car had nearly cut his arm off when it turned over with him in it on the track. Another thought made manifest by my dad the wizard.

I could really see, looking back how my dad manifested a lot of things, but doing so with fear. It was the law of attraction, or just our natural ability to set an intention and set fire to it in the Universe with emotion to carry it into creation. My question is, do we have to use fear to do it? Fear or hate is a awfully powerful emotion. Can we learn to use love to create wonderful things for ourselves. Can we love ourselves enough to DECIDE that something amazing can happen for us?? Maybe we can eliminate what we don’t want in our lives using our darkness? Declaring we don’t deserve to be treated badly and having the Universe eliminate the negative for us? Just throwing out suggestions. Comment below if you guys have any thoughts on this. Thanks for your support!

Love you guys!!!

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Photo by Erik Stine on Unsplash




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