Using Dr. Emoto’s theories to help us lose weight

I know that when I first saw What the Bleep, the movie, I was so confused. I have had to rewatch it at least four or five times and I catch something new every time. They just had so much information they wanted to cram into that movie in such a short period of time, I was missing the big points of the movie. For example the scenes on the basketball court with the young boy explaining the quantum field to us in like five minutes time. I did not even fully understand or even pay any attention to what the message was the first time I saw the film. I had about ten more years of reading and research to do before I caught the film again and I realized what I was reading and what the young boy was explaining were in fact, the same thing.

It was this time around watching the movie again that I caught and comprehended what the scene in the train station was about. The Dr. Emoto information. I can’t believe I was that far behind on figuring out what the bleep that What the Bleep was really talking about when it came out way back in 2004. They had scientific evidence of the metaphysical. Even then! They just packed it all in to an even longer than average movie length of just shy of 2 1/2 hours. I mean wow. I watched the movie not even knowing what I was getting into. They were trying to tell us this stuff was real twelve freaking years ago! People are just now realizing and playing around with co-creation.

The internet has helped. We’ve been able to unite and gather information and exchange it faster than ever before and on a Global scale that has never existed before the internet came along. We’ve had time to decide, then believe, and know that we’re not nuts. We’re right. Co-creation is real. Whatever we put out attention on grows and expands. Our inner thoughts and attention determine what manifests on the outside of us, in the outer world. I was able to confirm it first and foremost by looking back at what my dad was really emotional and fearful of. What he spent the most energy on whether good or bad, came true. it manifested. Then I was able to start looking back at my own life and see how I created my own reality based on my thoughts and belief systems. What I had focused on the most, good or bad showed up. Because I paid for it with my attention, thoughts and focus. Attention is the real currency on this plane of existence. That’s why people use the phrase,”I paid attention to it.” “I am paying close attention to you.” It’s true. Hard to see why you would create something you didn’t want or something that made you suffer unnecessarily, but we just didn’t know we were in charge of it!!! We did not come into this plane of existence knowing our co-creative powers. There was no one standing there saying,”now don’t focus too much on your fears, because emotion is really energy in motion. That emotion is the jet fuel and energy rocket that carries your thoughts and wishes into existence and manifestation.” No. No one told us that. As a matter of fact, they kept it secret from us to keep us powerless and needing something they are selling to create what we want in our world. They pretended and still pretend like we don’t know. Like we don’t know about the Matrix of Illusion and that we can truly manifest what we want in this world. We need only reprogram our minds. We need only one thing to heal ourselves and others Worldwide. That one thing is free to everyone and holds the true power of creation and that one thing is LOVE.

Now, that brings me to the subject matter of the title above. I know you know who Dr. Emoto was if you clicked the link to this article. You know he was featured in the What the Bleep Movie. You might even know his experiments with projecting emotions into water. If not, I will explain a little for you so you can get up to speed. What Dr. Emoto was curious about was the effect of projecting emotions into water. He had a hunch that if you talked to water or made pushed or projected a thought or an emotion at something, that he could prove scientifically that it made a difference in the physical make up of that substance. He decided to experiment with water. Water is the best conduit of electricity and electromagnetic energy. So he decided he was going to take pure distilled water and project emotions into it. He did this by saying or thinking towards the water all different types of emotions. To one sample of water, he projected love and gratitude. To one sample he projected hate and spite. To another sample, he projected beautiful classical music and to yet another, a sad depressing song. He did this with all kinds of types of emotions and sounds. Here’s the link to check out his work.

The point I am making here is this. We can heal our bodies and bring the molecular structure of our cells back into perfect symmetrical balance by telling our bodies that we love them and tell our cells that we love them. That we trust them to heal and return to perfect health on their own. See what I am getting at? Love really is the answer for everything. We need only believe. Well, now a days, we need only KNOW. They science is there to prove it ALL. The question is, are we going to be like the people who thought the world was flat and not believe and evolve, or can we have faith in something we cannot see or hold in our hands at this very minute, but we just know it’s right down deep in our heart??

I’m willing to try it. Nothing else has worked. Let’s try really focusing on loving ourselves. Reprogramming our cells with love, health, abundance, and trust.

Love you all,





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