Are our beliefs creating our reality all the time??

Oddly enough, I was using Nair one afternoon when a crazy thought entered my mind. Why do I have to spend $9.99 and spread this lotion all over my legs to remove the hair from my legs? I am one belief away from making it happen without spending the money and without smearing a lotion all over me. It’s called intention. Setting my focus and expecting a result!!! I am so close to being able to create this effect on my own!  So why can’t I??? Because society has programmed the belief that I can out of me!! With the knowledge I have gathered about reality being an illusion, couldn’t I simply will my leg hair to fall out? Couldn’t I actually program my body to stop it from growing? If we are creating our reality as we go, couldn’t this simply be the truth? Someone started convincing us that we needed to use one of their products to remove the hair from our legs and we simply accepted it without question. Then there’s always the fact that someone convinced us to shave our legs because we were considered gross if we didn’t. We just accepted that too, whoever decided that. Corporations.

The intentions of corporations stripping us of our creative belief isn’t what I am calling into question here though. If this plane of existence is simply energy vibrating slowly enough to settle into matter, then anything is possible, am I right? What about setting intentions? What about reprogramming our beliefs? What about utilizing our creative abilities the way we see fit and want ourselves to be? Yes, I am talking about programming our bodies. Our cells. Our vehicle. Yes. We do it all the time right now, but mostly in a negative manner.

Society tells us we have to have cancer if our parents did, so we believe it, and then our body creates it. Baldness. Same thing, your parents tell you you’ll be bald by 30 and you believe it, then your body creates it. Someone tells you that you’re a failure when you’re a kid, you believe it with your mind first, then your actions follow suit. You create it on the outside because you believed in on the inside first. We gave up our creative rights. We never KNEW we had them in the first place!!

I remember standing in front of the mirror saying,”I am so fat.” When I was eighteen. I was NOT FAT at all, but the more I said it, the more my body listened. I got fatter and fatter. I wonder now what would have happened if I had said nothing or if I had said,”I am so beautiful. I am so slim and attractive!” I would have stayed slim and attractive. I also had my mother’s beliefs and society’s ringing in my ears about enjoying eating whatever I wanted while I was young and while I had a great fast metabolism. I accepted that I would naturally get fatter as the years went by, and here I sit at 245 pounds. Guilty as charged. I have accepted my fate up until now. My personal goal is to change my beliefs, not my eating, and lose weight. You might want to see my article about using Dr. Emoto’s theories to help us lose weight. I was inspired to write about this, so if it is not there yet when you got there, check back. I had to create the link while I was thinking about it! 🙂

Is this how animals really evolve? Is it possible that when nature created an obstacle for say, a fish, that it had the will and intention to develop legs and soon there came frogs into being or any number of other creatures that have legs? Maybe we naturally evolve but that ability has been taken away from us by the folks that want to stay in control. This article is not based in any anger or resentment towards those folks. It’s about taking back our God-given power and moving forward. Anger about what’s gone on in the past will keep us stuck there and not allow us to move forward. I don’t know about you, but my excitement about creating a new future for myself is much more interesting and exciting than using my energy and focus to be mad about the past!! Their time is over. It’s our time to rise now!!

What I am suggesting is that someone else has convinced us for thousands of years that our creative freedom does not exist, but somehow it exists when we spend money. They have been the ones setting our intentions for us. The people who created Nair took away our intention and convinced us that by buying their product only then can we buy that effect of our hair falling out of our legs. They put a little something in the lotion that tingles and wahlah, we’re automatically convinced that they have an ability that we don’t. They have the power. We never even questioned it. They took our power from us, never hesitating once. We become zombies that never even once question reality. We were born into slavery. We have not be made aware of what we can do creatively. We have to spend money to get something we want to happen and then we have to believe that whatever product we are purchasing can deliver on its promises. It is always something that tends to be needed to do over and over. Something consumable. Something we use up and have to purchase over and over.

Take hair color for example. We have allowed ourselves to first believe that our hair HAS to turn grey as we get older, and so it does. It all starts with a belief. Who got to decide and set the rules that our hair HAS to grey or even fall out as we get older? What if all of our lives, we had the freedom to believe our hair would never change color? We just took someone’s word for it that our hair was automatically going to turn grey and we accepted it as gold. It became a mainstream belief, then somehow a knowing, then it just WAS. That is the way things WERE. Why? Why did we accept that truth as GOLD? What if we FREED our minds to believe otherwise? What if we believed we could live forever? What if death is a choice and we just have allowed ourselves to believe we would not have a choice?

Now this kind of concept has been circulating in my head wanting out of there for a very long time. You may call me crazy, but in society, the crazy people are always the folks not scared to say something that changed lives forever. I know that things have been “set in stone” in society for a very long time, but I know something bigger is happening right now. There’s a shift in beliefs going on. Everything in society has come into question. The internet has flooded society with so much information, we don’t know what to listen to. Our heads are spinning because if you listened to everything the internet said, then everything would be bad for you! Everything would be good for you! What the hell man? Who is credible anymore if we can’t trust the companies we thought we could trust for years and years?

You can trust your heart. Trust what your heart tells you about things. Spend some time alone and just be. Your heart knows the truth, and it will guide you. Things are changing more right now because of all of us questioning everything. The way reality really works. Who we really are. What we are capable of. Freedom. Real freedom.

I lie in bed and my empty mind will receive ideas like the ones above and I question whether or not to share them with you. I have hidden my true self for so long, I am tired of it. I get confirmation every single time that I am brave enough to share these ideas with you that I have done the right thing. People always respond in a positive manner. I have always felt there is something more to life than meets the eyes and there is. It’s true. There are people who have tried to dumb us down and keep us from learning the truth because they are scared that they will lose everything. Well, they are going to create that exact truth for themselves. Their grip is loosening on society because we have awoken.

We have been sleeping for a long time, my friends. It’s time to move into our power. The energy that we are moving into is faster and more intense than ever. We will rise to realize our creative power. I know it. The way things have been is already collapsing. People like you and I are moving into their own businesses, using their creativity which no one can take away from you, and making their own money. We can all do this. We can beat the system that’s in place right now by believing in ourselves. Believing in our passion that we have been pushing down and ignoring for years and years. Then we invest and help out in things that help us to utilize free energy and healing Mother Earth. Sharing our abundance to end poverty and help other countries unite and we can do it peacefully. Lovingly. Planting more trees. Feeding the hungry. Helping the homeless get homes. Creating true equality for each human being.

We are making amends. We are balancing the scales. We are becoming free. As free as our thoughts and beliefs allow us to become. Believe it my friends, we are unlimited. Your actions can only reach as far as your mind will allow. Allow yourself to believe in you. You will succeed. We will succeed. Times are changing. Changing for the better.

I love you guys so much!!

🙂 ❤




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