I make the rules now…



My parents are passed now. I make the rules. I say what I want to say. Good luck getting me to behave. I’m telling it all. My book is an amazing journey through my childhood and into my adult life. I’m sharing it all with you. My darkest secrets and my skeletons are running free.

Nobody tells me I am worthless now. I set those guidelines for myself and I say I am LIMITLESS.

It ends up, I could have done this at any time in my life, but I was too blinded. I loved my parents so much I could have never told my story while there were alive. My dad and mom are not the open book that I have become. They were very closed off and didn’t talk about their feelings and who they really were deep down inside. That’s ok, cause I am the opposite than them. I am transparent. I have nothing to hide. I am totally cool with owning who and what I am. Yes, I did do that and no, I am no longer that person anymore.

My best advice is to own your shit. Own who you are. As soon as you do, you are free.

Happy Tuesday everyone!!



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