So today’s lesson is…

I woke up in a funk. Yesterday I received my monthly bill for the money I owe to the IRS. I had been worried about it since we got it. So today I decided to get up and try to correct the mistake they made on the payment plan we set up to pay off the debt. Let’s go back and I will recap the story for you.

I made another mistake with money a few years ago. There are many, but they had more immediate consequences. This one came back to bite me in the ass like three years later. Life is still trying to teach me how to handle money.

When Mom died, she had never made a claim to my dad’s retirement that she was entitled to while she was in the nursing home. I received a letter that I was the next in line to receive what my mom had been entitled to. Hell, I don’t know how all of that shit works. I just filled out the paperwork and sent it in. I forget how much the check was for when it came in, maybe like $7000, $8000?? I just put it in the bank and blew it like I did with the rest of their inheritance. Tax time rolled around, I might have gotten some kind of form that I threw away thinking it was junk mail for my parents. That’s my best guess as to what happened. Apparently I was supposed to tell the IRS that I received that money. I did not.

So, fast forward to May 2016. I get a big ass tax bill for $1200 in the mail from the IRS. Wow. I fumbled through the paperwork to find something that could explain the source of this craziness. Sure enough, there it was. Tax year 2014 Milacron Retirement Fund. Oh joy. Another lesson about money. I must have had to claim that money from Dad’s retirement on my taxes in 2014! Oh goodie.

I went on the internet and set up a payment plan.I made the first payment which had to be a little more to cover the fee for using an extended payment plan. I get the bill for this month and it claims a higher payment, double what the payment plan was set up to be. I dial the 800 number for the IRS while trying to find some form of assistance online. It takes 30 minutes to get someone on the line. We speak like two sentences and the call drops. I’m sure you don’t have to wonder too hard about the choice words that came out of my mouth.

The way I came to terms with walking my path daily was if it’s a struggle, then it’s not your path. If it takes a lot of trouble or pushing then it’s not the direction you need to go. Something is not right about making that choice or going that direction. You just have to let go. Stop. Let the resistance go. Walk away. Let it ride.

I decided not to call them back, I decided that the Universe knows something I do not. I must be more than capable of making that payment. It must be coming from somewhere. Not only that, but abundant minded people never think in terms of lack. They always know that they are gonna kick ass. They know success is always on the way. Do you think that this is why the phone call randomly dropped? To prevent me from thinking in terms of lack? I could have gotten mad and made the call again and arranged for the expected payment to be lowered, but that would keep me in the same low vibrational way of thinking. Could this be the Universe’s way of forcing me to know that we CAN and are more than capable of making that payment?

I think this is synchronicity at its best. It’s a hard pill to swallow sometimes, but the Universe knows the EXACT way to deliver a lesson to you. Your angels, spirit guides, God, whatever you choose to call it knows you through and through. They are retraining you through your daily life if you are willing to have an open mind. You have to be far enough along spiritually to use these “mishaps” in life to point you and your thinking in a more positive direction. It’s how the Universe communicates with us through daily living. Just popping in here and there when needed. You have to stop and put a new possibility or a new spin on something that you’re resisting. There’s a lesson or a clue in anything you are having resistance with. Take it or leave it. You can ignore it, or you can transmute it into something useful to you. To me, it’s like retraining or using your imagination for a more positive result.

So I suppose I shall take this as a hint. My restaurant that I work at has been terribly slow. It’s a trendy, hip little joint and our people disappear during vacation season. They’re out playing. This must be a clue or a confirmation that when all the kids start back to school that we’ll pick back up. I know this. I do. The ego just wants to scare me with worries about not being able to pay my bills. When has the Universe ever let me down? When have I ever been homeless? When have I ever not had food on my table? It always works out.

Just keep swimming.



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