About my mom and dad…umm…big reveal here…



My parents were third cousins. That’s hard for me to admit, but I’m here to own my shit. I’m here to say who gives a shit. I’m here, I’m not retarded, although some people would beg to differ on that point. It comes down to love. If they wanted to be together, who cares? It was their business. Shit happens. People knew, they probably even got a lot of shit about it back then. I don’t know. My mom didn’t even tell me until I was an adult. Maybe she thought I would judge them too. How could I complain, they had made me after all!! Look at me, I turned out fine, right?? Hey, don’t answer that, especially some people out there. You know who you are. Yes, I am a handful at times. Now you know why. My parents married each other even though they were related. They made a baby, and you’re right, my family tree barely splits. Whew. That’s out of the way now.
They chose not to tell me this for many years and I can see why. Something always told me I was a chromosome away from being retarded. I was pretty good at doing dumb shit and damn near killing myself on accident. My dad used to ask me if I was retarded or something. I should have said,”Hey! You two are the ones taking chances on the gene pool, not me!!” I started wondering if maybe I was retarded and that’s why I felt so different than everyone else around me. Look at it this way, I am living proof that relatives can reproduce and the kid can turn out ok. Besides, I don’t give two shits about what people think, although it took me some time to get there. Some things take a while to come to terms with in life and this was definitely one of them for me. It took me some time to not just absorb, but to quit judging them for. To quit hating them for. Ultimately, I am ok with it. I know it’s something that other people feel weirded out by and that’s just too fucking bad. I am what I am. This book is about owning myself. Take me or leave me. I mean, look at me now. I’m telling the whole world and what is going to happen? Is my world going to crumble? Not hardly. I hope that if other people are struggling with their parents having been related, or if you are someone that loves someone you’re related to, that this helps you. That it encourages you to let your heart decide what’s right for you and not someone else.


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